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Freshworks CRM is one of the top-rated CRM software in the market that allows your small business to scale. Powered by Freddy AI, Freshworks CRM gives you a 360 view of your potential customers and captures all their interactions.  Freshworks CRM (formerly Freshsales), is an ideal tool for those users who want to attract quality leads, engage with customers across multiple channels, and close deals faster. Freshworks CRM can gain complete context into customer behavior and stimulate meaningful customer engagement.

The platform is an ideal sales pipeline management tool that helps your small business to focus on the best deals. With Freshworks CRM you can analyze every deal and get useful insights. Top Features of the platform include capturing all customer interactions at one place, discovering the best leads, boosting customer engagement, getting an accurate AI-powered forecast, taking better care of your current client base, attracting more site visitors, and nurturing the existing ones. With Freshworks CRM thousands of happy users have already turned their websites into lead generation machines. Freshworks CRM can stimulate faster sales processes by helping customers get real-time notifications and nurturing them for upsell and cross-sell opportunities. Additional features of Freshsales CRM are two-way email sync, collaboration in context, and workflow automation. The platform is ideal for Lead Management, Contact Management, Deal Management, Event Tracking, Lead scoring, Email Tracking, Territory Management, Account Management, Sales Reports, Integrations, Sales Sequences, Intelligent Workflows, etc.

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We recommend to look at resembling tools to find a solution. While doing this you should pay attention the similarities and differences in cost, general features, certain app capabilities, as well as the number of integrations and client support. Of course, design also can affect your mind.

We’ve compiled a list of top competitors that are very resembling in cost and features to Freshworks. The list is based on popularity reviews, so if Freshworks isn’t appropriate for you in any way, here you can easily choose the best variant for you. Pay attention to real reviews to learn how Freshworks compares to other similar software and find the best app for your business.

This top you an ability to compare all the best alternatives to Freshworks and make an informed decision. As the right tool combination that meets your organization requirements ensure that your workflow will reach the maximum result and increase income along with saving time and labor. Find a appropriate program stack and Apiway integrations will allow you to make it all work in conjunction for the benefit of your business.

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