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Gmail integration

I'm a new starter in Apiway, and vision is quite awesome!

But it seems like there is no gmail integration,

Is apiway has any gmail or outlook integration?


How to integrate ZoomInfo and OnePageCRM?

How to integrate ZoomInfo and OnePageCRM?


Taking too much time

I have multiple ways but one of the ways are taking upto 3 hours to deliver .


All my Facebook Pages aren't coming. Only 25 is showing while I do have 57 Pages

All my Facebook Pages aren't coming. Only 25 is showing while I do have 57 Pages.

I have allowed total 57 pages of mine. But at the time of creating way it's taking first 25 only, not more than that.

It's a bug probably, kindly look into this please.

Screenshot attached:


Facebook Leads > Todoist

Hi I created an action that syncs Facebook Leads with Todoist but it's not sending the data. Has it happened to you?

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Hi. We will check it

Mailchimp Action doesn't recover all Audience lists. I see only 10 Audience instead of 13!

I recently discovered your platform, so I just created an account and immediately connected all my Apps. Then I tried to create the connection between Facebook Lead and Mailchimp: everything is ok, but the main problem is that Mailchimp doesn't recover all my Audience lists!! I have 13 Audiences on Mailchimp and the connector only fetches 10 lists. How come? I initially thought it was due to the creation date of the list, but it's strange because I don't see my first Audience created on Mailchimp more than 4 years ago and the last 2 Audience (one created a few months ago and the last one I created a few days ago). Now, if the connector (Mailchimp Action) doesn't get all the Mailchimp Audiences, it's impossible to use it. I need to get my last Mailchimp Audience but I can't find it in the option "Audience" of Mailchimp Action.

What could be the reason? Do I need to check any particular settings on the list options on Mailchimp platform?


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Hi We will check it

Не работает интеграция Bothelp и Google Sheets

Не работает интеграция Bothelp и Google Sheets - передает только имя и электронную почту в таблицу,остальные поля для заполнения - не передаются в таблицу. Интеграция работает, сделана правильно. в чем дело? и когда будет исправлено?

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Hi. I have send you a personal email

Server down?

You know when the server resumes?


Не работает интеграция FB + google sheets

Не работает интеграция, настраивал как в вашем обучении. В чем ошибка?

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+1 с 20 декабря перестала работать интеграция, и новый ways добавить не получается: не работает выбор бизнес страницы фб

How to test a way and see a history?

Hi! I can't seem to connect Google sheets with Hubspot. It shows as activated but nothing happens. So I wanted to troubleshoot the way's history.

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Hi. Now we don't have history logs. We are now about this problem and will try to add these features in the next product update

Facebook leeds + google sheets doesn't work

Hi, I tried to connect my facebook leads to google sheet and it's doesn't work. I watched the tutorial and I settled all setting like in video but the result is the same. No data in google sheet.

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When you tried to connect the sheet did you give all permission? Because if you didn't gave all permissions google will not show data
65 answers, 7 articles
Hi. We will check informaton
Post no-code platform updates | August 2021

New Website

New Website

Finally, we can impress you with our new website! It’s not only the design that is visually pleasing but also beneficial content. We have been working on it for a long time and continue to improve it every day. However, we are excited to show it to you already and hear your feedback!

More Modules

New Modules

It’s never enough to add more Modules to our platform! Here are the newbies in our updated Modules List:

  • Google Translate
  • Google Admob
  • Barcode Scanner
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Drive

Subscription reinstatement Subscription reinstatement

Now we do not block the account after the end of the subscription. You can renew your subscription at any time or sign up for a new one.

Business Process Editor

Asynk Business Process

Of course, we cannot start a new month without new blocks added to our Business Process Editor. Also, now you can run blocks asynchronously.

New Blocks

  • Generate Slug
  • Download File By URL
  • Model Soft Delete
  • Model Delete All
  • Blocks for working with Google OAuth 2.0 tokens
  • Encode URL & Decode URL
  • To YAML
  • Remove from Array

Major Fixes

Bug Fixes

We do work hard on fixing all errors promptly. The major bug we successfully fixed last month was the crash of AMX server when stopping the old container - from now on it should not bother anymore.

Stay tuned and don't miss no-code updates! You are always welcome to join the community chat and write directly to our developers there!


Email Marketing Online Conference Day - 1

Welcome to the Email Marketing Online Conference


What if you can't watch online?

Here you can learn more, about how to get record of summit



Email Marketing Online Conference Day - 2

Welcome to the Email Marketing Conference


What if you can't watch online?

Here you can learn more, about how to get record of the conference


Types of data that works with supports several data types, and each variable can be single or array.

Many auto-generation functions depend on the selected data type because the platform's artificial intelligence processes each type differently. Therefore, it is important to choose the types that most closely match the data with which your application will work.

List of data types

  • String is a standard string field with a maximum length of 255 characters (a string can include numbers and symbols, but is always treated as text).
  • Text - multi-line text field with no length restrictions (comments, messages, posts)
  • Integer is an integer type for counting objects (quantities, counters).
  • Float - standard precision floating-point values. Used to store numbers that may have a fractional component, such as monetary values.
  • Boolean is a data type whose boolean value can take one of two values: true (logical unit "1") or false (logical zero "0").
  • Date is a standard field that only stores the date, usually in the format YYYY-MM-DD.
  • Time is a standard field that stores time in hh: mm: ss format. Stores only the time of day without date data.
  • DateTime is a combined date and time type that allows you to store them in one value.
  • TimeSpan is a special type for storing a time interval with millisecond precision (the result of subtracting two dates).
  • Password is a string field for storing confidential data: passwords, tokens, etc.
  • Email is a string field for storing email addresses.
  • Phone number - string field for storing phone numbers in a single format
  • File - intended for storing files of any type; uses default storage for file data and database for metadata.
  • Geo point is a standard GPS point with longitude and latitude.
  • Html - data type for storing HTML markup
  • Enum is a special data type for storing a predefined list of values ​​(order status, list of product categories, etc.)
  • Model - contains a link to an existing data model; used in building relationships between models, setting up business processes, and endpoint variables.

Changing data types

You can change the type of a variable in the course of a business process using special blocks (Logic - Type conversion group).

If, after creating a data model, you want to change the type of one of its fields, it is worth considering whether you made entries for this model or not. If not, you can simply change the data type to the desired one. In the second case, conversion is required, so follow the prompts. The platform will only allow you to change the data type if the existing format is compatible with the format to which the field is being converted.

Changing any type to an array is not backward compatible.

Working with data in

You can learn more about how to work with data on our no-code platform in the documentation on the website and video tutorials on the YouTube channel.


Facebook leads and Telegram is doesn't work.

I set up an integration between Facebook leads and Telegram, but unfortunately it doesn't work. No notifications are received. Do you have a detailed video on how to do this integration?

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Hi. It is a new integration. We will add a video tutorial how you can do it soon

Advantages of mobile apps

What are native apps?

Native mobile applications are applications developed for a specific platform, in our case, for iOS or Android. They look organic on a smartphone and are downloaded through the App Store or Google Play.

Such applications can make full use of hardware resources (camera, microphone, accelerometer, compass, light sensor, etc.), access photo and video files, address book, geolocation, player, calendar, and other programs and services. By accessing the notification system, you can enable push notifications.

Compared to hybrid (cross-platform) applications, native ones work faster and more stable, consume less battery and memory.

In classic development, building native apps requires experience with specific environments (xCode for Apple; Eclipse or Android Studio for Android) and knowledge of programming languages ​​(Java and Kotlin; Objective-C and Swift).

Pros of native apps

  • Full access to smartphone resources and functions.
  • More features than mashups.
  • High working speed, better optimized.
  • Fast response and smooth interface animation.
  • They fit organically into the design of specific operating systems.
  • They work more reliably and use resources more economically.
  • Can perform complex mathematical calculations.
  • Distributed through official app stores.

Cons of native apps

  • They only work on one platform.
  • Building, testing, and updating are time-consuming.
  • Native development is expensive.


No-code allows you to bypass the main disadvantages of native development. The code is generated automatically, which means you don't need to learn specific languages ​​or look for developers. The cost of the application will not depend on the OS - the tariff for iOS and Android will be the same. In the mobile app builder, it is easier to develop for different platforms. It will take much less time than classic development.

In addition, the native framework (in Swift or Kotlin for the respective OS) will allow you to update your application without publishing delays. It is enough to publish it in PlayMarket or AppStore once, and all interface and logic updates will be delivered to users instantly, you just need to make changes and republish the backend.

Create your native app - register on our no-code platform and join the community chat on Telegram.



Can someone help me getting the Facebook leads integration with ZOHO BIGIN CRM

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Hi, No we don't have Zoho CRM on APIway. You have to use Zapier or integormat

No-code FAQ: answering frequently asked questions from users

How long has the platform been around?

Our project is relatively young, development has been underway since 2019. Now there are more than 1,500 active users on the platform, there are several cases for building corporate applications for large companies.

How is different from Bubble, Glide, Tilda, Webflow, and other editors?

‌ is primarily focused on creating complex solutions: applications with a server-side, a multifunctional interface, branched business logic, access to hardware, integration with other applications, the ability to host on cloud and corporate servers, and other special functions.

What technologies are used to create the backend?

‌The platform generates a Golang backend. It uses REST API to interact with the client-side. Supports any PostgreSQL-compliant databases such as Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL, Azure PostgreSQL, Elephant.

The code can be compiled for Linux, Windows, and macOS with any processor configuration: x86, x86-64, or ARM.

Which browser is suitable for working in Studio?

‌Now the Studio interface is fully supported in Chrome and Firefox browsers on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. Most of the features are supported by Safari on macOS.

What technology is used to create web applications?

‌Vue2 with automatic binding to the generated backend.

‌What technology is used to create mobile applications?

Own framework in Swift and Kotlin. It allows you to create applications where screens and logic are delivered in real-time.

For whom is

For those who want to create server, mobile, and web applications with complex business logic, integration with other services and systems, and access to hardware.

Where can I find training materials and get advice on the platform?

Basic information about the functionality can be found in our documentation (EN and RU). In the blog and on the YouTube channel, we regularly publish instructions and examples with detailed explanations. If you want to communicate directly with the developers, you can do this in the telegram chat of our community.

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