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Upgrading from 2021 to 2024 QuickBooks

Updating your QuickBooks Desktop software to the latest version ensures that you gain access to the newest features and enhancements. Intuit regularly releases updates, and moving from QuickBooks Desktop 2021 to 2024 incorporates three years' worth of improvements. The upgrade can be easily accomplished using the QuickBooks Desktop Upgrade Tool on your Windows PC. Follow our simple guide to seamlessly upgrade from QuickBooks 2021 to 2024.

QuickBooks is powerful accounting software used by businesses of all sizes to manage their finances efficiently. Keeping your QuickBooks software up-to-date is crucial to access the latest features, security patches, and bug fixes. In this article, we'll guide you on how to upgrade QuickBooks 2021 to the latest version, QuickBooks 2024.

Understanding the Need for QuickBooks Upgrade

Before we explore the steps to upgrade, it's important to understand why updating your QuickBooks software is crucial. QuickBooks regularly rolls out updates to enhance both functionality and security. By upgrading, you ensure that your financial data stays precise and secure.

Preparing for the Upgrade

Backup Your Data

The first step in the upgrade process is to back up your data. This precautionary measure ensures that you won't lose any essential financial information during the transition.

System Requirements

Make sure your computer meets the system requirements for QuickBooks 2024 to avoid compatibility issues. Check the official QuickBooks website for the latest system requirements.

Benefits of Upgrading QuickBooks Desktop

Some of the great benefits of upgrading include:

  • Improved Payroll — More employee pay types, better reports, and simplified processes. QuickBooks Payroll gets faster and more seamless with each upgrade.
  • Enhanced Transactions — QuickBooks 2024 introduces more flexible custom transaction support. Record and track unique financial events.
  • Inventory Updates — Better track inventory across locations. Transfer stock quickly between warehouses for accurate counts.
  • Additional Integrations — Connect to more of the business web apps you use every day directly within QuickBooks Desktop.
  • Improved Search — Finding transactions and customer data in large company files is significantly faster in QuickBooks Desktop 2024.

So upgrading keeps your financial data secure while making QuickBooks easier and faster to use.

Before You Upgrade from QuickBooks 2021 to 2024

Completing a few preparatory tasks before installing the latest QuickBooks Desktop upgrade ensures the process finishes smoothly:

  • Update Company File — Launch QuickBooks 2021 and choose Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop. This updates and optimizes your company file before upgrading.
  • Run Payroll Tax Update — If using QuickBooks Payroll, download the Payroll Tax Update (Help > Update QuickBooks Desktop Payroll) so 2024 tax tables are ready post-upgrade.
  • Backup Company File — Always backup before any major change! Save a copy of your company file to external media or cloud storage to be safe.
  • Install Windows Updates — Log into Windows and install the most recent operating system updates before upgrading.
  • Check Your License — You need an active QuickBooks Desktop subscription license for the new 2024 version. Login to your Intuit Account to view or update your license status if needed.

Different Methods of Upgrading QuickBooks

There are two primary methods for upgrading QuickBooks: manual and automatic updates.

Method 1: Manual Update

To manually update QuickBooks, you need to download the new version from the Intuit website and install it on your computer.

Method 2: Automatic Update

QuickBooks offers an automatic update feature that simplifies the process. The software will notify you when an update is available, and you can follow the prompts to install it.

Step-by-Step Guide to Upgrading QuickBooks

Step 1: Downloading the Latest Version

Visit the official QuickBooks website and navigate to the 'Downloads & Updates' section. Select the version you want to upgrade to and download the installer.

Step 2: Installing the New Version

Once the download is complete, run the installer. Follow the on-screen instructions to install QuickBooks 2024.

Step 3: Migrating Data

After the installation, open the new version of QuickBooks. It will prompt you to update your company file. Follow the steps to migrate your data seamlessly.

How to Upgrade QuickBooks 2021 to 2024

Upgrading to the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop takes just a few minutes:

  1. Download QuickBooks Desktop 2024
  • Visit and select Desktop.
  • Click Upgrade and download QuickBooks Desktop 2024
  • The QuickBooks Upgrade download assistant will install automatically after the download finishes.

2. Run the QuickBooks Upgrade Assistant

  • Locate and double click on the QuickBooks Upgrade Assistant app.
  • Select your country from the dropdown menu and click Get Started.

3. Install 2024 and Finish Upgrading

  • The Upgrade Assistant will verify your System meets the QuickBooks 2024 requirements and has a valid license associated with your Intuit ID.
  • Click Upgrade Now once verification completes and follow the onscreen instructions.
  • Your company file will automatically open under QuickBooks Desktop 2024 once the install finishes!
  • Review any new features or changes highlighted in the What’s New window.

And that’s all there is to it! With QuickBooks Desktop 2024 now installed, you have the

latest tools, features, and three years of updates to help manage your small business finances.

Troubleshooting Common Upgrade Issues

Upgrades can sometimes come with unexpected challenges. Be prepared to troubleshoot common issues like compatibility conflicts, data migration problems, and installation errors.

  • Upgrade License Issues — Activate a valid new or subscription license for QuickBooks Desktop 2024 in your Intuit account to proceed with the upgrade installation.
  • Windows Admin Access — Log into your Windows PC with an Admin account to avoid permission issues during upgrade.
  • Damaged Company File — A severely damaged QuickBooks company file may fail to open under the new version. Try restoring from a backup.
  • Stuck Upgrades — If your upgrade seems stuck with no progress, restart your PC and rerun the QuickBooks Desktop Upgrade app to retry.

In many cases, you can resolve these minor technical issues yourself. But if problems persist with upgrading from QuickBooks Desktop 2021 to 2024, contact Intuit Customer Support via phone or chat for troubleshooting. They can directly assist with any stubborn upgrade failures.

How to Upgrade QuickBooks 2021 to 2024?

You are prompted to upgrade the company file to the 2024 version the very first time you open QuickBooks desktop 2023 in its more recent version. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Verify that every user has exited the company file.
  • Launch your specific new QuickBooks Desktop 2024 version.
  • If the company file is not open, select Open or Restore Company.
  • You can also select Open or Restore Company from the File menu.
  • Select Open a business file, then select Next.
  • Navigate to the file on your computer, then click Open.
  • Log in as the admin user to the company file.
  • QuickBooks will automatically create a backup of the current company file before QuickBooks Upgrade to 2024. Change this default location to store allows you to save the specific backup file in a chosen folder.
  • Choose Update Now to start the upgrade.

Advantages of Upgrading QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 Version

  • This enables the user to benefit from improved data security.
  • Additionally, it guarantees an error-free user experience
  • Another benefit of updating the software is that it fixes bugs and common security loopholes.
  • The update includes improved data files, real-time tracking of invoice status, etc.

Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise

Upgrade to the most recent versions of QuickBooks Desktop 2023 software

The newest edition of QuickBooks, which includes improved features and functionalities, is released every year. The new QuickBooks Desktop 2024 version is available in stores from October 23 2023 onwards.

Both normal users and accountants will benefit greatly from the latest update’s numerous additional features. Keep reading until the conclusion of the article or call our team of specialists at +1800-961-4963 to speak with an expert and certified QuickBooks professional for more information on the features, price, and license policy.

How to check whether your QuickBooks desktop is up-to-date or not?

The user should first confirm which version is receiving the most recent update. The following steps can be used to achieve this:

  • Open QuickBooks desktop as the first step.
  • Then, to open the product information window, press F2 and Ctrl + 1.
  • Check the most recent release and version as well.
  • Verifying the most recent version of QuickBooks is the final step.

How to update QuickBooks Desktop?

There are several ways to download the QuickBooks 2024 upgrade from the internet. Make sure your connection and internet speed are strong. Following are your choices:

  • Method for Automatic QuickBooks Update (default setting)
  • Method for On-Demand Updates
  • Launch Download
  • Manually updating QuickBooks

Ways to Update QuickBooks

Automatic QuickBooks Upgrade Method

This straightforward method checks for new updates to go to the QuickBooks 2024 website. Only when you are not using QuickBooks or the internet are the updates downloaded. Additionally, when you are not using the internet, it will download the available updates.

This method downloads updates from our website on its own to determine whether the software is running or not. However, if you don’t want to upgrade QuickBooks to 2024, you can choose to turn off the automatic update feature.

Release Download

You can keep downloading and installing the available updates. If the update feature is giving you trouble or if you want to install updates using the update feature. It is advised to use the update feature for QuickBooks Upgrade.

If you use multiple copies of QuickBooks, you must make sure to update each copy. If you don’t, you might have trouble opening the company file.

Immediate Update Method

This process for starting a QuickBooks Upgrade is very straightforward. The most recent version of QuickBooks is obtained by QuickBooks itself from an Intuit server. After that, whenever you are not working or otherwise using the internet, the QB update is downloaded automatically.

It occurs as a result of the accounting software’s default setting, which permits it to automatically download updates from Intuit’s server. If you decide not to update QuickBooks, you can choose to turn off the automatic update.

Get updates and download QuickBooks

  • You must first go to the Downloads QuickBooks and Updates page.
  • Select your nation from the Select Country drop-down list.
  • Select the right product from the Select Product drop-down.
  • After that, select the version from the Select Version option.
  • You must save the downloaded file somewhere that is easy to find towards the end.

What’s New in QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Upgrade Procedure for QuickBooks Desktop 2024

You can switch to QuickBooks 2024 Desktop by downloading the upgrade and installing it on your computer. This adjustment will give you many new features and advantages in addition to helping you solve any issues you were having with your previous version. Your firm will expand more quickly if you upgrade your QuickBooks desktop account, which will also help you work more productively overall.

The most effective and expedient method for downloading, installing, and updating software is typically what people look for. By providing you with a step-by-step manual, we hope to assist you in completing the task swiftly and easily.

Before you can upgrade to QuickBooks 2024 Desktop, you must do the following:

  • Make sure it meets system requirements.
  • To avoid data loss, back up your business data.
  • Update Windows completely.
  • Install Windows modifications to optimize the system.

Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus, Premier Plus, or Enterprise (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023) to QuickBooks 2024

It’s easy to upgrade to QuickBooks Pro, Premier, or Enterprise with our detailed explanations of how the product works. You can also buy QuickBooks from us directly! Learn how to upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2024 from within the program.

1. Upgrade Your QuickBooks Desktop Subscription

When you open QuickBooks, you will get a notice if there is a new version. You can easily remain current with us. However, you must be aware that the upgrade could take some time. The same thing will depend on your internet speed and the size of your company’s paperwork.

  • When you’re ready, click Upgrade Now.
  • Click the old version on my computer if you want to keep the version of QuickBooks you have now.
  • Select let's go next. You have access to the most current version of QuickBooks, which you can download, install, and activate. Your business file has been changed.
  • When the update is done, click the Open QuickBooks button.

2. Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop without a Subscription

If you don’t get a message telling you to update, it means you only bought QuickBooks once. You can use the simple update tool to move up. Here’s how to do it:

  • Click Upgrade QuickBooks under Help.
  • After choosing the version you want to update to, you need to click the Upgrade Now choice.
  • You can get the latest version of QuickBooks. Choose “Let’s go” and then “Keep an older version on my computer” to do this.
  • We download, set up, and turn on the new version of QuickBooks for you. It changes the business files.

3. Upgrade via the Discovery Hub

  • Open the Discovery Hub, click Upgrade QuickBooks desktop to 2024, click Upgrade now, and then continue to upgrade.
  • If you want both, choose Keep older version on my computer. If not, leave it blank.
  • When you’re done, choose Open QuickBooks.

4. When Upgrade Tool Can’t find my QuickBooks Desktop Purchase

If you don’t get an offer to choose a new version of QuickBooks, you’ll need to give your QuickBooks licensing information. This happens when you buy QuickBooks with a different email than your QuickBooks Desktop account. Do this:

  • Find the email that confirms your purchase of QuickBooks.
  • Enter the License Number and Product Number, and then click Continue. This will finish the change.

QuickBooks Desktop 2024 Pricing and Subscription Plans

The pricing plans for QuickBooks Desktop 2024 are flexible enough for businesses of all kinds. The Basic plan has the most important accounting tools, like billing, tracking expenses, and financial reporting. The Plus plan adds more powerful tools for keeping track of supplies and managing projects. The Advanced plan lets you have up to six people and gives you better reporting tools

Upgraded Subscription Plans for Enterprise Version

For the Enterprise version of QuickBooks Desktop 2024, there are three different membership plans: Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The Silver plan has basic features like managing goods and accounting, while the Gold plan has more advanced features like improved payroll and reporting tools. For people who need even more features, the Platinum plan has everything the Gold plan has plus extras like industry-specific reports and a customer success manager.

Upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2024

can be a great choice for businesses that want to save time, improve efficiency, and cut down on financial mistakes. QuickBooks Desktop 2024 is a great investment for businesses of any size that want to improve their accounting processes. It has a wide range of features and subscription plans that can be customized to meet specific needs.

In conclusion

Downloading QuickBooks Desktop is a critical step in ensuring efficient financial management for businesses and individuals. By following these key points, you can make the process smooth and trouble-free. Be sure to choose the right version, meet system requirements, back up your data, install the software correctly, and stay up to date with software updates. With proper setup and ongoing learning, downloading QuickBooks Desktop 2024 can be a valuable tool for effective financial management.


How to Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop 2021 to 2024

Are you ready to take your accounting game to the next level? It's time to upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop software to the latest 2024 edition! With new features, improved performance, and enhanced security, upgrading will streamline your financial processes and boost productivity. Let's dive into the benefits of upgrading and how you can easily make the switch.

Benefits of Upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024 offers a plethora of benefits that can revolutionize the way you manage your finances. With advanced features and enhancements, you'll experience increased efficiency and accuracy in your accounting tasks. The latest edition provides improved performance, allowing for faster data processing and smoother workflow. Enhanced security measures help safeguard your sensitive financial information, giving you peace of mind.

Stay ahead of the curve with new tools and functionalities designed to simplify complex processes and boost productivity. From customizable reports to automated workflows, QuickBooks Desktop 2024 empowers you to make informed decisions quickly. Seamlessly integrate with other business applications for a more seamless experience while managing your accounts receivable, payable, payroll, and more efficiently than ever before.

QuickBooks 2024 System Requirement for Upgrade

Thinking about upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2024? Before you make the switch, it's essential to ensure that your system meets the necessary requirements for a smooth upgrade process. QuickBooks 2024 has specific system requirements that your computer must meet in order to run the software effectively.

To upgrade to QuickBooks Desktop 2024, your system should have at least Windows 8.1 Update or Windows 10 (all editions including 64-bit), with at least a 2.4 GHz processor and minimum of 4 GB RAM. Ensure you have a stable internet connection for downloading and installing updates during the process.

Additionally, make sure you have enough disk space available on your computer to accommodate the installation of QuickBooks Desktop 2024. By checking and meeting these system requirements beforehand, you can avoid any potential compatibility issues and enjoy a hassle-free upgrade experience.

Current release numbers for each version of QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Desktop has been consistently releasing new versions, each with enhanced features and improved functionality. As of now, the current release numbers for QuickBooks Desktop include 2021, 2022, and the latest edition - 2024.

Each version comes with specific updates tailored to meet the evolving needs of businesses. QuickBooks 2021 introduced features like automatic categorization of bank transactions and improved receipt management. In contrast, QuickBooks 2022 focused on streamlining workflows and enhancing reporting capabilities.

Now, with the release of QuickBooks Desktop 2024, users can expect even more advanced tools to simplify accounting tasks further. This includes updated security measures, improved integration options with third-party apps, and a more user-friendly interface.

By staying up-to-date with the latest version of QuickBooks Desktop, users can leverage these new features to optimize their financial management processes and stay ahead in today's competitive business landscape.

Easy Ways to Update QuickBooks Desktop 2024

Upgrade QuickBooks 2021 to 2024 Latest Version is essential for accessing new features and improvements. There are a few easy ways to update your software seamlessly. One way is through the automatic update method, which can be set as the default in your settings. This allows QuickBooks to automatically download and install updates in the background without interrupting your workflow.

Another option is the on-demand update method, where you can manually check for updates and choose to install them immediately. This gives you more control over when the updates are applied to your software.

If you prefer a more hands-on approach, you can opt for the manual upgrade method. This involves downloading and installing QuickBooks Desktop 2024 directly from Intuit's website.

Regardless of which method you choose, keeping your QuickBooks up-to-date ensures that you have access to all the latest features and enhancements that can improve your accounting processes efficiently.

Prerequisites – Steps before Upgrading to QuickBooks 2024

Before upgrading to QuickBooks 2024, there are a few important steps you should take to ensure a smooth transition. First, make sure your current version is updated to the latest release. This will help prevent any compatibility issues during the upgrade process.

Next, it's crucial to back up your company file and data. This step is essential in case anything goes wrong during the upgrade, so you can easily restore your information without any loss.

Additionally, check if your system meets the minimum requirements for QuickBooks 2024. Ensure that you have enough disk space and RAM available for the new version to run efficiently.

Disable any antivirus software temporarily before starting the upgrade process. Sometimes security programs can interfere with installations or updates, so it's best to avoid any potential conflicts by disabling them temporarily.

Automatic update method (Default Settings)

Are you looking to upgrade your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest 2024 version effortlessly? The automatic update method with default settings is here to make your life easier. With just a few clicks, you can ensure that your software is always up-to-date with the newest features and improvements.

By enabling automatic updates in your QuickBooks settings, you allow the software to check for updates regularly and install them without any manual intervention. This way, you never have to worry about falling behind on important upgrades or missing out on enhanced functionalities.

With the automatic update feature enabled, you can focus on managing your finances effectively without having to remember when it's time for an upgrade. It's a convenient way to stay current with the latest tools and enhancements that QuickBooks has to offer.

Ensure smooth operations by setting up automatic updates today and enjoy all the benefits of using the most advanced version of QuickBooks Desktop 2024!

On-demand (immediate) update method

Did you know that you can trigger an immediate update for QuickBooks Desktop 2024? This on-demand method allows you to get the latest features and enhancements right away. To initiate this process, simply open your QuickBooks software and navigate to the Help menu. From there, select "Update QuickBooks" to check for available updates in real-time.

Once the system identifies an update, follow the on-screen instructions to download and install it immediately. It's a quick and efficient way to ensure your software is up-to-date with all the newest improvements.

By utilizing the on-demand update method, you can stay ahead of any potential issues or bugs while taking advantage of enhanced functionality without delay. Keep your QuickBooks running smoothly by keeping it current through this convenient option!

Upgrade to QuickBooks 2024 – Manual Upgrade Method

If you prefer a more hands-on approach to upgrading your QuickBooks Desktop to the latest 2024 version, the manual upgrade method is for you. This method gives you full control over the process and allows you to ensure everything goes smoothly.

To start the manual upgrade, begin by downloading the QuickBooks Desktop 2024 installation file from the official Intuit website. Once downloaded, double-click on the file to initiate the installation process.

Follow the on-screen instructions carefully, selecting your preferred options as you progress through each step. Make sure to choose "Upgrade" when prompted during installation to ensure your data carries over seamlessly to the new version.

After completing the installation, launch QuickBooks Desktop 2024 and log in using your existing credentials. Activate your software using your license key or sign in with your Intuit account if required.

Enjoy all of the updated features and improvements that come with QuickBooks Desktop 2024 once successfully upgraded through this manual method.

Download and Install QuickBooks Desktop 2024

To download and install QuickBooks Desktop 2024, start by accessing the Intuit website. Once there, create or log in to your account to proceed with the upgrade process. Look for the option to download QuickBooks Desktop 2024 and click on it.

After downloading the software, locate the installation file on your computer and double-click to begin the installation process. Follow the on-screen instructions carefully to ensure a successful installation of QuickBooks Desktop 2024.

During the installation, make sure you enter any required activation codes or product keys accurately. This step is crucial for activating QuickBooks and gaining access to all its features seamlessly.

Once the installation is complete, launch QuickBooks Desktop 2024 and verify that everything is running smoothly. Take some time to explore any new features or updates that come with this latest edition for an enhanced user experience.

Create or Log in to your Account

To begin the Upgrade QuickBooks Desktop to 2024, you will need to create or log in to your Intuit account. This step is essential for accessing and managing your software license and subscription details. If you already have an account, simply sign in using your existing credentials.

If you don't have an account yet, creating one is quick and easy. Just head over to the official Intuit website and click on the "Sign Up" or "Create Account" button. Follow the prompts to enter your email address, password, and other required information.

Once you have successfully logged in or created your account, you'll be able to proceed with downloading QuickBooks Desktop 2024 onto your device. Having an Intuit account ensures a smooth transition during the upgrade process by keeping all of your important data secure and easily accessible.

Don't skip this step as it plays a crucial role in ensuring that you can seamlessly manage your upgraded QuickBooks software without any hiccups along the way.

Download QuickBooks Desktop 2024

To download QuickBooks Desktop 2024, you first need to ensure your system meets the necessary requirements. Once that's confirmed, head over to the official Intuit website and log in to your account. If you don't have an account yet, it's quick and easy to create one.

Once logged in, navigate to the product section where you can find QuickBooks Desktop 2024. Click on the download button and follow the prompts to start downloading the software. The process shouldn't take too long depending on your internet speed.

After the download is complete, locate the installation file on your computer and double-click it to begin installing QuickBooks Desktop 2024. Follow the on-screen instructions for a smooth installation process. Be sure to activate your software using your license key once everything is set up successfully.

Downloading QuickBooks Desktop 2024 is a simple task that can help streamline your accounting processes efficiently!

Activate QuickBooks Desktop 2024

To activate QuickBooks Desktop 2024 after installation, you will need to enter your license and product information. This step ensures that your software is genuine and ready for use.

When you launch the software for the first time, a prompt will appear asking for your license and product numbers. These can usually be found on the packaging or in the confirmation email if you purchased online.

Simply enter these numbers correctly into the fields provided and follow any additional instructions that may pop up during the activation process.

Once completed, QuickBooks Desktop 2024 will be activated and ready to help streamline your accounting tasks efficiently. It's a quick and straightforward procedure that guarantees access to all the latest features and updates of the new edition.

Why Choose Dancing Numbers to Upgrade the Latest Edition of QuickBooks Desktop 2024?

Upgrade to QuickBooks 2024 today and experience the enhanced features and improved functionality that will streamline your accounting processes. Make the most of the latest edition by upgrading now!

Why Choose Dancing Numbers to Upgrade the Latest Edition of QuickBooks Desktop

Dancing Numbers offers a seamless and hassle-free process for upgrading to the latest edition of QuickBooks Desktop. With our expertise in data migration, you can trust us to ensure a smooth transition without any loss of data or disruption to your business operations.

Our team of experts will guide you through every step of the upgrade process, from assessing your current system to implementing the new software effectively. We understand the importance of keeping your financial data secure and accurate, which is why we prioritize precision and confidentiality in all our services.

By choosing Dancing Numbers for your QuickBooks upgrade, you can rest assured that you are working with a trusted partner who is dedicated to helping you optimize your accounting software. Upgrade with us today and take advantage of all the benefits that QuickBooks 2024 has to offer!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Hopefully, this guide has provided you with valuable insights into upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2024. However, if you still have questions or encounter any issues during the upgrade process, here are some frequently asked questions that may help:

1. Can I upgrade directly from QuickBooks 2021 to QuickBooks 2024?

Yes, you can upgrade directly from QuickBooks 2021 to QuickBooks 2024 by following the steps outlined in this article.

2. Do I need to purchase a new license for QuickBooks Desktop 2024?

If you are already using a licensed version of QuickBooks Desktop, you should be able to upgrade to the latest edition without needing to purchase a new license.

3. What are the benefits of upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2024?

Upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2024 allows you to access new features and enhancements that can improve efficiency and productivity in managing your finances.

Feel free to reach out for further assistance or explore more resources provided by Intuit for a smooth transition. Happy upgrading!


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3 Simple Ways to Record Your Mac Screen

Using the Screenshot Toolbar

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  1. Accessing the Screenshot Toolbar: Press and hold Shift + Command + 5 on your keyboard to bring up the Screenshot Toolbar at the bottom of your screen. This toolbar offers options for capturing your screen, including recording with audio.
  2. Selecting Recording Options: Within the Screenshot Toolbar, choose between “Record Entire Screen” or “Record Selected Portion” based on your recording needs. Select the appropriate option for the area you want to capture in your video.
  3. Configuring Audio Settings: Before starting the recording, click on the “Options” button within the Screenshot Toolbar. Ensure that the “Microphone” box is checked under the “Audio” settings to include audio from your microphone in the screen recording.
  4. Preparing for Recording: Declutter your desktop and close unnecessary windows or applications to ensure a smooth recording process.
  5. Starting the Recording: Click on the “Record” button within the Screenshot Toolbar or use the keyboard shortcut Control + Command + R to start the recording. A three-second countdown will begin before recording begins.
  6. Ending the Recording: Click on the “Stop” button in the menu bar or use the keyboard shortcut to end the recording process. The recorded video with audio will be saved to your designated location on your Mac.

While this method is easy and free, it may have limitations in audio quality and editing capabilities.

Using QuickTime Player

QuickTime Player, known for playing media files, also features a screen recording function. Follow these steps to record your screen with QuickTime Player:

  1. Opening QuickTime Player: Launch QuickTime Player on your Mac from Spotlight or the Applications folder.
  2. Starting a New Screen Recording: In QuickTime Player, go to the top menu, click on “File,” and select “New Screen Recording” from the dropdown menu to open a screen recording window.
  3. Selecting Audio Input: Within the screen recording window, choose your audio input source, such as “Internal Microphone” or an external microphone for voice recording.
  4. Choosing Screen Area: Click on the screen to select the area you want to record, whether the entire screen or a specific portion.
  5. Starting the Recording: Click the “Record” button in the screen recording window to begin capturing your screen activity with audio.
  6. Ending the Recording: Click on the “Stop” button or use the specified keyboard shortcut in QuickTime Player to save the recorded video with audio to your desired location on your Mac.

Using Movavi Screen Recorder

For advanced features and customization options, consider using third-party screen recording software like Movavi Screen Recorder. If you want to know how to screen record on iMac with Movavi Screen Recorder look at the steps below:

  1. Download and Install Movavi Screen Recorder: Visit the official Movavi website to download and install the software on your Mac.
  2. Launch Movavi Screen Recorder: Open the application from your Applications folder or dock icon.
  3. Set Up Recording Parameters: Adjust recording settings, including screen area, frame rate, and audio input.
  4. Select Audio Source: Choose your audio input source within Movavi Screen Recorder.
  5. Adjust Recording Settings: Customize video quality, output format, and hotkeys for recording control.
  6. Start Recording: Click the “REC” button to start the screen recording process.
  7. Finish Recording: Click “Stop” within Movavi Screen Recorder to save the recorded video with audio to your specified output folder.


Recording your screen on a Mac with audio is now easier than ever. Choose the method that suits your needs best and start creating your screen recordings today. Whether for personal or professional use, these tools make screen capturing a breeze. Unleash your creativity and give it a try!


Does anyone know if this platform can connect Indeed to an email platform?

I am trying to figure out a way to take people that apply on indeed and set up for that contact info to recieve an automate email from an email platform to send a calencdy link


when i try to Update available fields i got " NO DATA " error

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Hi Samara, I found the solution to this problem in this apiway tutorial at minute: 3:19, it tells you the steps to follow to continue. I attach the link to the video: Greetings.
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Hi Apiway, I have de same problem. Please could you help us.. Is important to conect the new way with a new form. Heeeelp pleaseeee... :(

google sheets to mailchimp, row update

hello, the integration tracking is getting errors, but we don't why? and what are those errors so I can correct

it is between google sheets and mailchimp, but i don't have the specifics so I can't act on it.

I just want to update a mail in mailchimp, when a row is updated in google sheet




Amazon MWS API end of life – Switch to Amazon SP API Now!

Amazon has released a detailed announcement with several depreciation deadlines for different cases. This blog piece will further make it more affable for sellers to understand the effect of this announcement. Also, to figure out how they can adapt to it and avoid any discontinuity to their current selling campaign by migrating to the latest SP API.

So without further ado, let’s begin with a few basic questions that must be squirming through your minds.

What is Amazon SP API?

In the words of Amazon, the Selling Partner API is a REST-based API. It further helps Amazon selling partners programmatically access their data on listings, orders, payments, reports, and more.

What Difference will SP-API make?

Compared to the previous API applications, using the Selling Partner API will:

  • Increase selling efficiency,
  • Reduce labor requirements,
  • Improve response time to customers,
  • Gives more chances for selling partners to grow their businesses.

Why is it important to migrate from Amazon MWS API to the new SP API?

  • All future development will only be available for the Selling Partner API.
  • In the coming months, the functionalities will be revoked one by one, and soon the API call process will come to a halt.

How does the MWS API depreciation affect sellers?

There are 2 simple cases for sellers selling on Amazon:

  • Sellers Using a Third Party Developer account or public developer account for selling on Amazon
  • Sellers Using their own Amazon Developer Account for selling on Amazon

Now let’s understand both cases in detail

CASE 01: For Seller Using a Third Party Developer Account

For sellers who have not migrated to SP-API and using a third-party seller account will face the following issues:

  • Post July 31, 2022, sellers will be unable to successfully call Amazon MWS Orders, Reports, and Merchant Fulfillment (MFN) sections in Amazon MWS.
  • Post September 30, 2022, sellers will be unable to successfully call the MWS Products section
  • On September 30, 2022, The Selling Partner API for Catalog Items v0 operations will also be deprecated
  • Post December 31, 2022, sellers will be unable to successfully call any of the remaining sections in Amazon MWS, including:
  • Feeds API
  • Finances API
  • Fulfillment Inbound Shipment API
  • Fulfillment Inventory API
  • Fulfillment Outbound Shipment API
  • Recommendations API
  • Sellers API
  • Subscriptions API
  • Push Notifications Schemas
  • From July 31, 2023, all sellers must use the new Restricted Data Token (RDT) via the Tokens API to make a successful API call for some operations.

NOTE: The bottom line of the above 5 deadlines is that for sellers using a third-party Amazon seller account and have not migrated to the new SP API will start facing the restrictions from July 2022, and by the end of 2022, the entire process will get to a halt.

What will happen to sellers using 3rd party Integrations like Amazon Magento Integration by CedCommerce?

  • CedCommerce has launched its new version of Amazon Magento Integration, which is totally compatible with the latest SP API
  • Sellers need to upgrade the Integration by booking a slot for Migration Session.
  • Once the slot is booked, one of the members from the Amazon development team will be assigned to you, who will successfully migrate the store.
  • The customization available in your previous store will be recreated in the new one as well
  • This Migration is chargeable and will vary based on the number of customization you need to keep in your new store.

Case 02: For Seller Using their own Developer Account

The sellers who have a self-authorized & private application are given a bit of relaxation in terms of strict deadlines for migration.

For sellers who have not migrated to SP-API:

  • Post July 31, 2023, sellers will be unable to successfully call Amazon MWS Orders, Reports, Merchant Fulfillment (MFN), and Products sections.
  • Post July 31, 2023, all sellers must use the new Restricted Data Token (RDT) via the Tokens API to make a successful API call for some operations.
  • Post December 31, 2023, sellers will be unable to call any of the remaining sections in Amazon MWS successfully, including:
  • Feeds API
  • Finances API
  • Fulfillment Inbound Shipment API
  • Fulfillment Inventory API
  • Fulfillment Outbound Shipment API
  • Recommendations API
  • Sellers API
  • Subscriptions API
  • Push Notifications Schemas

NOTE: It is advisable for sellers to directly confirm with Amazon regarding the type of Developer account they are currently using. In case the account is private, sellers need not hurry until the next year (2023). But in the case of a third-party developer account, they are required to take action before the end of July this year (2022) for uninterrupted selling.


webhook to google sheet not so friendly?

hello everyone. ive recently tried to use apiway and for some reason, my entries are going to the lowest thousandth row every new entry. why is this so? and even if i were to add custom formulas in order to remove certain characters from the result, it clears the formula and i could no longer use the formula.

is there any way that i dont have to choose all the elements every time i want to reload the fields?


Waiting List?

What does it mean that an app is "on the waiting list?"


Trigger by activities in a pipedrive list

Hello, I am totally excited about Apiway and would like to bring the zaps from Zapier that I have built for myself to Apiway. 

An automation is about activities created in Pipedrive appearing in a list because the date is overdue, thus triggering the automation. 

In Apiway, I can only find the item "New Activity" in the trigger action and not "Activity Matching Filter" as in Zapier. Am I missing something or is this named differently in Apiway?

I am looking forward to your support and wish you a nice weekend.

Best, Alexander


Recurring tasks in Todoist to Google Sheets

I'm new to Apiway. Been using IFTTT for years but been encountering issues. Need an integration for recurring tasks within Todoist, upon completion want to have a row added into a row in a spreadsheet on Google Sheets. Will Apiway do this?

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HI. I have send direct email to you

Date Completed from Todoist task is not being recorded

I have set up a way between Todoist and Google Sheets where the trigger is a task being completed in Todoist. After the trigger event takes place, a new row is supposed to be created in the Google Sheet recording the Project ID, the task name, and the Date of Completion. Both the Project ID and the task name show up correctly, but I obtain an empty field for the Date of Completion. Any ideas for why this is or how to fix it?

14 answers, 5 articles
We have checked out your issue and did not detect a problem. The date was successfully added. Please, try to delete and create this way again. Also, check the type of the column with dates in your worksheet. Maybe the type of the column does not coincide with the Todoist date format. Or maybe Todoist sends an empty date value.

google sheet woocommerce integration

Billing State not showing the exacte name after the order got transferred to google sheet . for example in the woocommerce orders list its showing "Batna" wish is the name of a state on my country. but in google sheet its showing "DZ-05" wish means the number of that state on my country.

another thing. Line Items Variation not showing also in google sheet. its showing only on the woocommerce platform in orders détails .

73 answers, 10 articles
We will check this problem.

Create more than 1 way

Hi! I want to create several ways, is it possible?

5 answers, 0 articles
yes, you can create anlimited ways

How to make an automated webinar

Holding webinars and automated webinars is one of the key business processes in educational businesses. There is a lot of information on the Internet about how to hold a live webinar and what to speak about, so in this article, I will tell you how to make an automated webinar.

Attention! This information is for those who have already held live webinars and know how to convert webinar visitors into sales. If you haven't, this article won't help you, but it will only make things worse.

What is the difference between webinars and automated webinars?

A webinar is a live performance in front of the audience.

You broadcast live, show a presentation and answer questions in real-time. An automated webinar is a recording that is turned on at a specific time.

An automated webinar looks like a live webinar. Exactly the same presentation, links to your products and chat in the webinar room.

In good services, you can prepare questions that will appear at a certain time in advance and you'll be able to answer them during the presentation.

You probably think why I should do an automated webinar when I can give a link to YouTube.

The automated webinar starts at a specific time. It cannot be paused or viewed at a convenient time.

Today we need to learn to hold the attention of the client. Watching a two-hour video on YouTube, the user can find something more interesting and close your presentation with the usual excuse "I'll watch this later".

When you hold an automated webinar, the client doesn't know that it's a record. He thinks it's a live webinar and there will be some information that shouldn't be missed.

Why are automated webinars worth to be done?

It's difficult for you to create new unique content constantly. You cannot give new information endlessly, because you'll have nothing to sell.

That's why you repeat one topic, and everyone who comes to your webinar says that you are "saying the same thing" or "saying commonplace things".

Our task is to create several unique automated webinars and guide the client through this content in a logical sequence. For many, it's a chance to pull themselves out of the constant wheel of webinars.

Let me show an example of a problem you will face

You have a specific topic and you decided to hold the first webinar. Of the 500 registered users, 200 came.

You held a webinar and tried to sell your product. 10 people bought. Then you held the second master class, and from viewers who came, there are half of those people who had been on the first one and half the people who saw you for the first time.

You made 10 sales again.

This happens several times and the person who has come to five webinars doesn't receive new information at all. He listens to the same thing, the same subjects from another angle.

He loses interest in you and leaves.

After several years of active work, you accumulate a lot of content on the same topic. The problem is that the profundity of this content is mediocre, because you provide the basic information in paid trainings.

New users don't understand where to start and start to drown in your content.

This problem can be solved with the help of automated webinars.

Pros and cons of automated webinars

For what businesses automated webinars are suitable?

Firstly, I want to say that webinars and automated webinars are suitable for almost all types of business and I'll tell you why. But before this, let's discuss a business in which webinars are one of the key business processes.

Educational business

In this type of business, holding the masterclasses directly affects earnings. You constantly need to improve the skills of creating presentations and sales at the webinar. In addition, you need to use an automated marketing system.

Thanks to it, you can focus on improving the content, rather than increasing its amount.

It is better to make an automated webinar on a specific topic once than to make 5 webinars on the same topic, but show it from different angles.

Service business with big average check

When you sell expensive services such as construction, design, law, you need to do 2 things.

The first is to explain to the client why this service is needed and why exactly you are the best to make it. In the case of construction, there's no need to explain why the client needs the house, but in the business of implementing CRM, you need to explain this. There are many builders.

Why should exactly you make this service?

It can be explained through information and content. How you will provide this information isn't important. It can be a personal meeting, a blog article or an automated webinar. The bottom line is that you tell the client how to solve his problem in the best way.

I've seen several cases where the construction company held webinars and told people how they can build a house better. Automated webinars can be made in almost any business.

Automated webinars for SaaS

Automated webinars work very well in businesses for digital products. If your SaaS (Software-as-a-service) product is targeted at small businesses, automated webinars will help you.

In the Enterprise segment, to sell you need to make personal presentations. Long deal cycle and big checks. Even in such a conservative segment, automated webinars will work well, but in the SMB segment, it will be much more effective.

In SMB, you cannot afford individual sellers who will call each customer and sell the product. You simply will not converge unit economics. An automated webinar can replace your sales pitch. Even if you have salespeople, talking to customers who have already watched the presentation is much nicer.

Features of automated webinars platforms

In most cases, automated webinars platforms have all the functions that usual webinar platforms have: screen translation, recording, chat, etc. Let's talk more about the unique features that are in automated webinars platforms.

Making an automated webinar from a live webinar

You have an opportunity to make an automated webinar from the recording of your real webinar. You had a good webinar, you know that it converts visitors to sales, there were a lot of people, they asked questions, you answered them.

This is an ideal situation.

You just take a recording and with one click of a button make an automated webinar. All questions in the chat are also transferred and will appear exactly at the time they were asked. It turns out a complete simulation of a live webinar.

The number of webinar visitors

You can set a dynamic change of visitors to the automated webinar. Even if there is one person watching it, it will seem to him that he's not alone.

At the beginning of the webinar there will be one number of visitors, in the middle it'll be another number, and in the end, it'll be the third. The number changes gradually and the visitor won't notice that it's fake.


In advance, you configure the chat in such a way that fictitious users write messages at a certain point in time.

For instance, you want to overcome the objections through an answer to a question. The bot writes a message at the 48th minute of the automated webinar: "Why is it better than your competitors?" and you answer it.

For a webinar listener, this will sound organically.

Automatic date change

You can set the automatic date change. You don't need to worry that you are launching traffic to the "passed" webinar. You configure the webinar to take place every Tuesday at a specific time. Also, on the landing page, you can create a script that will do automatic date changes.

Time Zone Setting

This feature is important, especially if you sell to an audience from other countries. Now everyone can attend your events, regardless of time zone. The user himself will be able to choose his time zone and when he wants to watch an automated webinar.

Also, the system can automatically determine in which time zone the client is located and substitute the variant he needs.

Price Blocks

When you hold a webinar, at a certain time you give a link to your product.

In an automated webinar, it can be done too. At the right moment, at the right minute, a link to your product will appear.

You can show the price on the banner.

You can change it, and in the webinar recording itself, don't talk about it. Just say the phrase "You see the price on the banner".

Thus, you can do A/B price tests and won't re-record webinars every time in a new way.

Engagement tracking

Webinar platforms can track engagement in a webinar. Who's come? When did he come? How much time he watched the webinar? When did he leave? Did he click on the offer or not? And much more. This data can be transferred to your CRM or marketing automation software.


The system can tag each subscriber. Tags can be a trigger for other actions.

For example, for those who came to the webinar, you put the tag "came" and send an email with an offer to buy. For those who didn't come, you put the tag "didn't come" and offer to buy a webinar recording. And for those who came and spent more than an hour, you put the tag "Saw the offer" and send another letter.

To transfer tags, you need to use integration through Apiway.

Series of automated webinars

You can make a special chain of emails that will automatically register people to different automated webinars.

Let's say you have 7 automated webinars and they will be held every day. But the user will receive an email with an invitation to these automated webinars once a week or once every two weeks. He will have the illusion that you constantly hold webinars.

Also, you can track which automated webinar the user has visited and resend invitations to him. Automation can be closed. This process requires a special function. In this video, we use TimeDigital CRM and EverWebinar for such purposes.

How to increase the attendance rate of an automated webinar

This rate is influenced by many factors: brand awareness, topic relevance and the niche in which you work. The average attendance rate on an automated webinar is approximately 25-35%.

If your percentage of attendance is lower, then you do something wrong. If it's higher, everything is fine. It is also important to understand that in large volumes the rate will fall. Here are some screenshots from our automated webinar.

Our attendance record is 57%

Screenshot from the EverWebinar platform

We've put together a list of recommendations that can improve your attendance.

  1. SMS notification 15 minutes before the start.
  2. SMS notification 1 hour before the start.
  3. Notification in the messenger (Trigger mailing by API).
  4. Dialing 15 minutes before start.
  5. Different landing pages and different automated webinar for each time zone.
  6. Warm traffic from your newsletter, not from paid advertising.
  7. Retargeting for those who registered with a reminder of the webinar. (Advertising starts working through the marketing automation system, not in the advertising office).
  8. Webinars are held every day.
  9. Do A/B testing with the time of the automated webinar.
  10. Make a webinar record paid.

Mistakes in automated webinar launch

You don't need to make an automated webinar as a simple broadcast on YouTube and hire programmers for this task. There is special software for automated webinars, where everything has already been made for you.

The big mistake is to rely only on email notifications or only on Facebook Messenger. It is important to use the combination of Email + SMS and, if necessary, FB Messenger.

Don't wait too long periods between webinars. For example, a user clicked on an advertisement, the topic is interesting, but the webinar will take place in a week.

Automated webinars should be held every day. You can make the webinar the next day and send warming content before it. So, at the webinar, you will have an opportunity to make the deal immediately.

Don't launch an automated webinar without having experience in live webinars. First, understand what you have learned to sell at live webinars, and then do automated ones.

Don't try to do your best for the first time, with prepared bots in the chat of the webinar room, ready answers, etc. You can spend a lot of time making such a webinar, but it doesn't give you a guarantee that it will bring money.

In the beginning, make an automated from a live webinar. Make poorly at the beginning, understand how it works, and only then do well.

Don't drive a lot of traffic for the first time. When you set up an automated webinar, it will work correctly for the fifth time.

In the beginning, you seemed to do everything, everything worked. You made advertising, but SMS didn't come. You did this all again.

Then the link didn't work, then the broadcast didn't launch in time.

It's ok.

You just need to get through it. I remember my friend drove a lot of traffic on his first automated webinar. But the video didn't work. This mistake cost him $ 3000. He did the same 3-4 times and as a result, he spent a lot of money on testing.

Don't repeat his mistakes. Invite 5-10 visitors and when you realize that everything works correctly, scale it.

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