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How to use Activecampaign to send SMS sequences?

Has anyone had success using activecampaign to send SMS sequences?like you might normally send email sequences? how about post cards (lob?) with tracked links as sequences?

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You can use ClickSend and ActiveCampaing integration via Apiway for this task. You can send a webhook in automation and it will trigger SMS sending
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How to fix the broken images in the emails that come in Outlook mail

I have a client working mostly with Outlook emails - emails from Active are coming through with broken images. Is there a fix for this I may be overlooking?

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Is it possible to sell a membership plan with an advance/upfront payment in Active Member 360?

Using my AM360 with Stripe payments, is it possible to sell a membership plan with an advance/upfront payment for the first 3 month period and then have a monthly subscription kick in for the 4th month onwards?

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Why don't emails sent from ActiveCampaign reach their destination?

We hear about deliverability. Are those emails just not sent? Or they are sent and the recipient's system does something? I have one contact today who has received SOME of my emails, but not all. I see in the backend that it is sent. She checked spam and deleted folders, yet they are not there. So what to do??

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They are sent. Likely the receiving mail provider decided not to deliver for some reason or another. Deliverability is not a science by any means.
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We’re struggling with this. We switched to AC in May 2020 and switched a bunch of other tech as well. Less than half of our contacts were getting our emails. We set up DKIM and it helped, but we still have a few who aren’t getting anything in spam or to their inbox.
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Which chatbot to choose to work with Activecampaign?

We're just getting started with AC and I already have Calendly and we'd like to get a chatbot running on our website at some point. We moved over from HubSpot and that was built into the plan we had with them but I understand I'd need a 3rd party for one. With that said, I think I've narrowed it down to Drift or Intercom. Does anyone have any experience with either and the pros & cons I should look out for? Thanks in advance.

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ActiveCampaign has an add-on called Conversations that has some bot functionality. Might want to take a look at that. Drift is also a great solution.
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Can I use one account Activecampaign for different businesses or is it better to use different domains?

The majority of his business is non-insurance based Plastic Surgery. Other practices under his umbrella company are insurance based (ENT, Ortho, etc...). I am going to install ActiveCampaign (potentially white-labled) for the Plastics division. My question is the other divisions want the abilities as well. Should I sell each practice it's own license or should I book it under one company and segment via lists? I'm leaning individual instances, but I don't want an ongoing nightmare of managing all of them. I'm a two man shop and don't have a ton of bandwidth.

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We were using AC for two businesses from one account. In the beginning it was useful, but now we have faced some problems. My suggestion is to use different AC accounts for different domains
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If they are separate entities, do separate accounts. If one entity, do one account and segment via Lists/Tags.
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How to remove lead scoring after a certain amount of time has elapsed in Activecampaign

I leadscore based on articles that the leads have visited but I only want to score on articles in the past 6 months. Does anyone know if this is possible (ie; visiting a specific URL adds 5 points but after 6 months, that 5 points is removed). This is mainly because clients who have been in my database for several years could easily reach, say, 50 points, but it wouldn't indicate them being a hot lead... Any help would be much appreciated!

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Yes, remove the points after 6 months. Instead of setting it up in Scoring, you could trigger it using an Automation and it will only effect Contacts who visit from now forward. No effect on the past Contacts that would show an inflated score for the next 6 months.
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What is meant by "Plan out the optin and sales flows in your business?” in Activecampaign

I'm new here and trying to get up and running with ActiveCampaign automation. I am just in the process of learning about how to add tags properly. Before I start creating the tags for my business I need a little help. Could someone please explain what is meant by "Plan out the optin and sales flows in your business?” My business offers a least 3 different lead magnets and various products and services. Could someone provide an example of what planning out the optin and sales flow looks like for the purpose of creating tags?

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So what is the next step you want them to take after they get the lead magnet, then what is the next step after that, and the next, leading to a sale, then perhaps a repeat sale.
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Tags help trigger actions or segment your contacts. They are a go-to feature in most situations. Just use them wisely and make sure to note what they do. Its as simple feature by definition, but extremely powerful feature when used to his full extent. What they mean by planning out is to map out your needs to build your automation wisely. Here is a quick exemple of what I typically map out before creating my automations. That one may look a bit heavy, but it end up being about 10 automations.
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Can I use custom fields in Activecampaign instead of adding tags to a contact

i.e. subscriber buys or refunds my digital course -> that external platform adds them to my list and tags them appropriately -> my automation runs to update their “course status” custom field based on the tag and then deletes the tag. It seems like this is simpler than adding/removing multiple tags for status info and cluttering up the tags each contact has. But maybe I’m missing something. Does anyone do this? Or not do this? Thoughts on pros and cons of this approach?

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I know others have responded but in general I design/build automation with that approach - i.e. try my best to hold static / rarely changing info in custom fields. I leave tags for "flag" type situations and one-to-many cases (i.e. person A was a student in the year 2000, 2001 and 2002) This has helped minimise the sea of tags. Again generally speaking
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I try to keep this simple. I use custom fields where the contact can only be in one state at any time i.e source: status: record type: I use tags where there can be multiple choices I.e interests INT: or for temporary markers and triggers. When I use tags I go through a decision process of when they should be added and removed. Hope this helps!
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How to work the abandoned cart automation in Activecampaign

It consistently performs bad (5% conversion rate) compared to native shopify apps (10+%). Maybe it is the way it integrates with shopify. Any views on that?

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I use Klaviyo
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I’m not in e-commerce but if you’ve got poor conversion rates thats due to copy, not the tool you’re using.
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How is it best - when adding new clients that I add them to the main list in Activecampaign then tag them on their interests or do I put them in 2 different lists?

hi, im just coming back to A/C and would like to know is it best when adding new clients that i add them to main list then tag them on their interests or do i put them in 2 different lists?

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If you want to be able to allow a contact to unsubscribe from one set of emails but not another, then it's easier to have two lists. You can have a single list and manage with tags, but that's an awful lot of If..Then.. steps you would have to plug in.
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How to set up the integration in Zapier so that the contact is added to the automation in ActiveCampaign?

The trigger event is a new contact in my Active Campaign, which I currently get from a free tutorial download. This begins a lead magnet email automation. However, I'm adding a course for purchase so if someone buys it without downloading the free tutorial they will also be added to my contacts, which will trigger that same lead magnet automation. How do I modify the Zap so that purchasing the course gets them on a different automation than downloading the tutorial?

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This is done in Active campaign instead. AC automations end when something else is done or it reaches the end of the actions. So if you do something such as apply a tag to a contact and the automation starts when a tag is applied you AC will start the new email sequence. Same goes for ending an automation -- if there's a trigger that it STOPS when a tag is present just select they option. Lots of great info on AC knowledge base if you search for stop when tag applied
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I think you need to identify on trigger step, whether it was free course or a paid course (purchased). As you said your trigger is triggering for both, this is good at least. Now you need to set a filter with attribute that is unique to both events data. Let say your trigger give your course name as well, so you can set a filter if course name exactly match "course name". Then the active campaign add/update with particular tag. You need 2 zaps only filter value and tag will be different in both zaps. You can also use one zap with and extra step. Let me know if you need more help
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Can a wordpress subscription form add subscribers to a list of WordPress users and to a list on Activecampaign or Mailchimp?

Can a wordpress subscription form add subscribers to a list of WordPress users and to a list on an external platform, like Mailchimp or Activecampaign?

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Which plan in Activecampaign allows integration with Wordpress plugins?

I tried integrating with Woocommerce and LearnDash, but kept getting errors. I checked for potential faults and the necessary protocols. Unfortunately it didn't fix the situation. Can the trial plan test the integration? Does the Lite plan allow it?

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What would you install first among these 4 tools in Activecampaign: campaign, list, form or automation?

For those who use ActiveCampaign effectively, what would you install first among these 4 tools? Automation? Campaign? A list? A form? I want to figure out for myself how I should systematize the process.This question is the only one that has been slowing me down lately. Still, I've made good progress using this platform and continue to evolve in that direction

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I would first import my contacts and make an "All Contacts" list. Then, by going through the prospective clients, I would put them in the appropriate lists. Then I would develop templates to use in campaigns. It's worth spending time on this. In my personal practice, I use about 8 automation (drip campaign) templates. I also create campaigns (template assignment) to send one of the templates to my potential client. You can set up emails to send to yourself to remind you to call your client, send a postcard (email), etc. I've been using this practice for about three years now, but I still have a lot to learn
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How to start running an automation in Activecampaign if I add manually the subscribers to the List?

How I can start running an Automation where I add manually the subscribers to the List?

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Set the trigger for the automation to be when someone is added to the list. When you manually add the subscribers to the list it should still run your automation
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How to integrate Activecampaign using Integromat?

Has anyone done integration with ActiveCampaign? Can you describe how you did it?

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How to send a new email to all contacts who have already completed the automation in Activecampaign

I' ve added a new email to an existing automation in Activecampaign. I have a question: how can I send this new email to all contacts who have already completed the automation?

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Is it possible for different users to send emails through one email address in Activecampaign?

Our company has one primary email address for all correspondence with customers. I plan to add many different users in ActiveCampaign. But there’s a question: is it possible to make it so that all users can still send and respond to emails through one email address?

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