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Appmaster Platform

About is a no-code platform that works with frontend, backend, and native applications. The platform lets its users build applications through a visual drag and drop interface, allowing anyone to create any kind of project. The differentiation point of from other existing no-code platforms is the ability to build a product beyond MVP. The applications built on the platform are indistinguishable from the applications implemented natively, since they have the platform-generated source code and API documentation, they are also suitable for any operating system and can be published to both the Google Play Market and Apple App Store.

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Appmaster Platform’s tools stack

CRM systems

Pipedrive CRM software can be used for picking up leads, better pipeline management, managing contacts, and allowing you to make more deals.

How Appmaster Platform uses Pipedrive

Marketing automation

ActiveCampaign is a platform that helps businesses automate customer experiences and build meaningful connections with their customers.

How Appmaster Platform uses ActiveCampaign