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Woocommerce + Google Sheets

Hi, I'm synchronizing woocommerce orders with google sheets, but I don't know which item to enter to track the product name and quantity, can anyone give me an answer?



I am not able to connect all my Facebook pages to Apiway

I have connected all my Facebook pages from my profile to Apiway, but I m able to see only few of them here. This issue started a month ago only. It was fine before. Any fixes?

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Hi. We will check this problem

I am trying to create a new Way, but facebook ads form is not visible

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try to reconnect Facebook account and check are there any forms for this page?

Facebook Leads to webhook

Hi Community

I'd like to trigger every new lead from Facebook Leads and send to a webhook URL. Unfortunatly there is no way to configure a webhook in the platform.

Is there any plan to create this? Maybe it can solve problem for more scenarios like this one.

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Hi. Now we don't have a webhook as an action. We know about that nad will add it in the next year

Could we get Groovepages as an integration ?

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If you are a Groovepages text me If you are a user you can ask a vendor

Change the price of WooCommerce products through Google Sheet


Is it possible to connect WooCommerce to Google Sheet in such a way that by changing the price in Google Sheet, the price of products on the site will be updated?

Thank you very much if you implement this. Because changing the price on the site is very time consuming and difficult.

Thank you

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We are going to implement this in the nearest future

Webhook and HTTPS request format


Does anyone can suggest the correct webhook post request format for apiway?


for example doesn't work.

How can i write keys and values manually in a request?

Thank you in advance

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It is not possible to use keys and values in the url now

Can't find telegram

I want to link Facebook and Telegram, but I do not see it in the list of applications. What am I doing wrong?

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Hi, Oleksandr Now we don't have integration with telegram but it is on our road map

Private messages in the community

Hello all, it would be nice to be able to send personal messages to other users in the community, like on LinkedIn. Right now I have to search for a person on other platforms like LinkedIn and text or email him there. This is very inconvenient, and I also have to explain who I am and how I found out his contacts! Implement the ability to send messages directly from the community, in general, it would be ideal if you made your own analog of LinkedIn!

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We're not actually planning to make a copy of LinkedIn on our website, but we've considered the idea of implementing messages in the community as well. We are not planning to implement the idea right now, it will come a little later. At the moment all our efforts are focused on developing integrations, but the messenger idea itself is very great, thank you for your feedback!

Recommendations for adding topics and tags

What tags and topics need to be added to the community?

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There’s no HTML/CSS layout tag, I need your forum for front-end developer
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I need an iOS/Android tag, I'm a mobile app developer, I'd be interested in it!!!!!!!!
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Facebook Pages not visible

I'm having trouble seeing my Facebook pages while doing integration with Facebook leads with Google sheets just two pages I can see it. If anyone has a way to this I will be thankful to know . Thanks again

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You can contact the developers, but most likely the problem is not in Apiway. Rather you should check your page settings on Facebook
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Anton Viborniy
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