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Ishan Gupta

How to Simplify Data Integration Through Artificial Intelligence?

Want to derive better insights from your data? Know how to simplify data integration by artificial intelligence. Read now

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cto techisor

Getting error while setuping the account

Getting error while setuping the account

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Anton Viborniy

How to sell your marketing service for a tech startup

This article will be helpful if you are a digital marketing freelancer or a digital marketing agency owner and you want to find high-paying customers from the tech world that will pay you 2-5-10K per month and more.

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Stuart Broad

How To Integrate Chatgpt With Floatbot

ChatGPT is one of the powerful language model that uses natural language to interact with users and is trained on large number of text data, that allows it to respond to users on wide range of topics.

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Apiway Company

How to send Facebook leads to Google sheets automatically and absolutely for free?

When you start lead generation ads on Facebook through Facebook lead forms, every time a lead comes you have to go to the Facebook platform into the lead form, download the sheet, get these leads, and then send them to your sales or contact them yourself. So, it’s a very long process, as you see. What if there’s a way to automate this whole process? And whenever Facebook captures a lead it comes directly to Google Sheets. That is what we’re going to talk about today.

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Paul Leslie

3 Ways You Can Perfect Email Deliverability to Land in the Inbox

Email marketing doesn’t make sense without email deliverability. Of course, it’s essential to craft great emails, but it’s equally crucial that the emails actually show up. That’s what email deliverability is – it’s a measurement of how many of your emails land in the inbox. Read on to learn three great ways to increase deliverability and save yourself from wasted time and work.

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Jyoti Kumari

10 Last-Minute Christmas Selling Tips for Sellers

Christmas shopping has been a magnificent source for sellers to earn profit during the year-end sales. Since it is the only festival that is celebrated in each and every corner of the world, anyone can benefit from it with just a few minor adjustments to their Christmas selling patterns. Over the years, more shoppers have turned to online shopping to avoid crowds in stores. This brings sellers massive opportunities to introduce their brand, grow their business, and make profits during Christmas.

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Mohd Mohsin Ansari

Amazon MWS API end of life – Switch to Amazon SP API Now!

The launch of new Amazon SP API and the depreciation announcement of the existing MWS API of Amazon has created some serious befuddlement that today permeates every member of our so-called Amazon selling community. Amazon’s vision behind the migration to the next-generation API is to encourage developers to use the latest technology and features, which will benefit both selling partners and customers. But there is a downside to this announcement which is that sellers have to migrate all MWS applications to SP-API within a strict deadline, or else they will not be able to access full features such as Orders, Reports, Merchant Fulfillment (MFN), products, etc.

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Mohd Mohsin Ansari

Benefits of Magento Marketplace Integration and How it Simplify Sellers’ Journey?

Selling products online and earning high profits is easy if you know the little tricks of eCommerce; especially, where to invest your money. It's understandable that Magento sellers face many eCommerce challenges in managing their products, inventories, and orders while selling on different marketplaces. This is also one of the reasons why they don’t opt for multichannel selling, restricting their products to just their website. But this way they stop many opportunities of earning higher profit margins, also which can be a prime cause of online business failures

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