Our vision

From Roads of Ancient Rome to API Integrations

Our project and why the name of it is Apiway.ai

Hello everyone. My name is Anton Vyborny. I’m a co-founder of Apiway startup.

On this page, I’ll tell you a fascinating story that connects the roads of Ancient Rome and API integration. You will learn about our vision of the software industry and integration platforms.

I chose the title for a good reason. This name has its own historical context.

I studied at the Academy of Civil Engineering at the Faculty of Architecture with a degree in urban planning. Then I began my career as a marketer and entrepreneur, but I still have an architectural perception of the world.


Let's imagine what the infrastructure
of the countries and cities looks like

All cities and software are connected by roads — API integration.

Each city has a scientific center, a business center, a tourist center, an industrial center, etc. Different cities have their own features. For example, New York is a business center of the world, Los Angeles is a center of show business, London manages with finances, Rome is an incarnation of history and culture.

If you look at the city structure, there are a supermarket, a stadium, administrative buildings, a library, a shopping mall, etc. Each building has its own purpose.

All cities and buildings are connected by roads. In ancient times, thanks to the road, people could quickly move around and share information.

In business, there’s a very similar situation. It has a digital ecosystem. This is a set of software that automates business processes. It can be CRM, an email marketing service, chatbots, payment gateways, project management tools, etc. Nowadays we have a need to transmit data from one service to another.

Let’s draw the parallel

Let's think about how cities evolve?

At the beginning there are flimsy buildings, then the paths between them. Buildings become more powerful, and roads become stony. In the Digital ecosystem, roads are API integration. Thanks to these “roads,” systems can transmit data to each other. The better integration you have, the more agile business you get.

“A stone road” is a correctly made two-way integration via API.
“A dirt road” is when you manually transfer data from one service to another and each time curse everyone for making you “going along the dirt road in the rain”.