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Update in TikTok Ads

Starting Automatic Targeting. Here's what TikTok tells about this feature:

Use automation to improve campaign performance and successfully scale your campaigns. Automatic Targeting is a feature in TikTok Ads Manager that, when enabled, optimizes your targeting settings according to your entire campaign, ad impressions, ad content, past campaign data, etc.

Check your accounts setting should appear for all of them. As for effectiveness: if you fundamentally need to control age or any other criteria - this is not exactly what you need. But if you have a broad audience, you can test it. It produces a cheaper CPA, but when you analyze the data, you can see that this setup includes both 13-17 and 18-24.

Additional data metrics for Instant Page. Two new reporting metrics are now available for the Instant Page, giving you more ways to check performance and identify opportunities for optimization. Find these metrics under Instant Experience Average View Time and Instant Experience Average View Percentage under Engagement in custom columns.

Average View Time indicates the average time people spend viewing an Instant Experience page.

The average viewing indicates the average percentage of views on the instant page.

What's sad is that the Engagement section used to have metrics such as likes, subscriptions, reposts, and profile visits, which was great for tracking Spark Ads' performance. Now, all that data isn’t available.

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