For B2B SaaS Vendors
Provide free integrations for your customers
Sell more software on Apiway
Software profile plans
Profile creation
Listing in one software category
Advanced profile design (example)
Adding a video
Adding a downloading materials
Remove competitor's ads
Active link to your website in category
Active link to your website in profile
Retargeting pixel placing in your software profile
Retargeting pixel placing in your competitor's profile
Retargeting pixel placing in one software category
Promoting your app on Apiway platform
Promoting your content in SEO
3 newsletters for all Apiway subscribers
3 webinars with your experts with sharing leads
Get new customers
Every day hundreds of b2b software users search for new tools on Apiway.

They can find your app and start
using it.
Share your content on an independent source
Content is a king. But it is very hard to reach out audience with your content. We have already assembled a b2b audience.

Post high quality articles and reach out the perfect audience.
Boost your content in SEO
We will boost your articles in SEO. Your every article will have 50-100 high qualified do-follow backlinks.

Also, you can place a backlink on your website. Our high ranking page will give you a part of authority for Google search engine.
Retarget high-quality audience
Place a retargeting pixel in your profile, articles, and specific software categories

Collect audience and launch high targeted campaigns on Facebook, Google and Linkedin.
Our email readers - are your readers
Apiway has a unique email newsletter about b2b software and automation.

With a premium profile, you can have several unique email campaigns for all Apiway subscribers.
Build brand awareness
Premium profile will allow you to stand out from your competitors.
How the process of getting leads on Apiway works
Step 1
Content creation
We start discussing what keyword you want to cover.

You provide articles and information about your app.

We post your articles in our community.
Step 2
Get backlinks
Our team will make link building campaigns and will get 50-100 do-follow backlinks to your content.

A few months later, your content will start generating new visitors.
Step 3
Get new customers
You can post a lead magnet into your article or create a pop-up directing to your website.

Start converting visitors to customers.
Adding an integration
Provide 40+ integrations for your customers
Save developers' time
With Apiway integration your software connects with 40+ apps.

Your developers will focus on creating a product, not integrations.
Expend integration ecosystem
Every month we develop new integrations. Your app will automatically connect to them.

You will forget a pain named "Integrations".
Get new leads
Apiway users search for new tools and integrations. They can find your software and start using it.
Close more deals
It's easier to sell your software when it has a lot of free integrations with other apps.
It's free for your users
There's no need to pay for Zapier etc. Your customers will use Apiway for free.
Ontime payment for you
We are charging vendors to provide more leads, not integrations. Here is more detail about our business model.

You pay once for developing integration. No subscription.
How adding integration process works
Step 1
We develop an integration
We start discussing what triggers and actions your app needs

You pay once for developers time

After 2-4 weeks, integration will be
available on Apiway platform
Step 2
We create a video tutorial
Our team will create video tutorials and guides how to integrate your app with other tools
Step 3
We start to promote your solution
We will:
- Send a newsletter to all Apiway subscribers
- Post a detailed article about your app
- Post video tutorials in our community
- Host a webinar about your app