Why is it free?

Apiway is totally free for end-users because we charge money from vendors.
You can use our integration platform without any limits.
No cheating, no manipulation. It is really free.

Try for free

Our business model

We provide a free integration platform and it attracts a large number of users. Therefore, people more willingly tell each other about our solution. We have a unique audience that wants to automate the business process with the help of applications. Software vendors want to get this audience and they can pay for advertising on our marketplace.

An example: a user came to us to integrate Facebook lead ads and Google Sheets for free. We will offer him to start using CRM and the email marketing service. If the user clicks or buys this software, our platform will work. Also, the user can take the survey, and we will offer a technical stack that is most suitable specifically for his business.

Free integration platform attracts viral traffic. Software vendors pay for ads on our platform in order to get this traffic.

Subscription or advertising model?

The easiest way to make money on integrations is to charge as a subscription. Our competitors do it. But we think that software vendors have to pay for integrations, not the end-users. Because users already pay for the main software.

Why do they have to pay twice for integrations? This is a problem we try to solve. You come to our platform and make integration for free. Vendors pay for ads and get new customers. We earn money from ads and provide a free solution.

Do we use or sell your data?

Of course not. We don't sell your data. We sell your attention, not data. We don't provide any personal details about you. All information you can see on our Privacy policy.