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New modules: API integration and more

Integration with popular map services

Add custom maps to your mobile and web applications.

Universal Map Module

The module allows you to automatically change the default map service depending on the platform: Google Maps for web and Android applications, Apple Maps for IOS applications.

Google Maps and MapBox Map modules

Add API settings for integration with corresponding map services.

Integration with mailing list services

We are expanding the list of marketing tools to make your business even more effective. The Mail Chimp and GetResponse modules will add API settings to allow you to send e-mail messages through these popular services.

Integration with Zoom API

Now you can conduct video conferencing and webinars right in your application.


It will be easier to schedule events - your application can create events in ICalendar format and share them with other users.

IP Filter

Now you can allow and deny access to endpoints from specified IP addresses. For more information about the IP Filter module and its settings, we have told in this article.

Nearest plans

Currently, there are 10 new modules, which we plan to add to the platform soon.

API settings for Google services:

  • Gmail API
  • Google AdMob
  • Google Sheets
  • Google Translate

Intercom communication platform compatibility:

  • Intercom API
  • Intercom Messenger

Data Models for Countries and Cities.

User data validation module Validators.

Youtube Player video player widget.

Barcode Scanner.

Want to ask questions or suggest module ideas that we don't have yet? Write to the

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