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No-code FAQ: answering frequently asked questions from users

How long has the platform been around?

Our project is relatively young, development has been underway since 2019. Now there are more than 1,500 active users on the platform, there are several cases for building corporate applications for large companies.

How is different from Bubble, Glide, Tilda, Webflow, and other editors?

‌ is primarily focused on creating complex solutions: applications with a server-side, a multifunctional interface, branched business logic, access to hardware, integration with other applications, the ability to host on cloud and corporate servers, and other special functions.

What technologies are used to create the backend?

‌The platform generates a Golang backend. It uses REST API to interact with the client-side. Supports any PostgreSQL-compliant databases such as Amazon RDS, Google Cloud SQL, Azure PostgreSQL, Elephant.

The code can be compiled for Linux, Windows, and macOS with any processor configuration: x86, x86-64, or ARM.

Which browser is suitable for working in Studio?

‌Now the Studio interface is fully supported in Chrome and Firefox browsers on Windows, Linux, and macOS operating systems. Most of the features are supported by Safari on macOS.

What technology is used to create web applications?

‌Vue2 with automatic binding to the generated backend.

‌What technology is used to create mobile applications?

Own framework in Swift and Kotlin. It allows you to create applications where screens and logic are delivered in real-time.

For whom is

For those who want to create server, mobile, and web applications with complex business logic, integration with other services and systems, and access to hardware.

Where can I find training materials and get advice on the platform?

Basic information about the functionality can be found in our documentation (EN and RU). In the blog and on the YouTube channel, we regularly publish instructions and examples with detailed explanations. If you want to communicate directly with the developers, you can do this in the telegram chat of our community.
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