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How Integration is Shaping the World of eCommerce?

Nowadays, multichannel selling has become a necessity for online sellers. And why won't it be? Selling on multiple platforms is not only an effective way of expanding online business, but it also helps sellers reach potential customers more efficiently. However, this method can sometimes become a headache for sellers instead of a solution if they don’t have a suitable platform to manage it all. This is where the role of eCommerce marketplace Integration comes in.

But What is Marketplace Integration?

eCommerce Integration helps online sellers connect their eCommerce store with the marketplace. It offers a centralized platform from where the seller can manage all the products, orders, accounts, notifications, and more. In simple words, they no longer need to sign in/out of different accounts now and then. The feature list of Marketplace Integration doesn't end here. Check out other features below -

Features of eCommerce Integration

Centralized panel to manage all product reports.

  • Real-time update inventory, listings, products, and orders
  • Cron scheduler for all-round real-time synching
  • Bulk product upload
  • Support multiple seller accounts
  • Real-time shipment and tracking
  • Live notifications
  • Centralized platform to manage orders

Benefits of eCommerce Marketplace Integration

Above mentioned features undoubtedly look fascinating, but what are the benefits of eCommerce Marketplace Integration for multichannel sellers? Here is the list -

Reduces Manual Selling Process

The Marketplace Integration is an automated solution that will automatically update product information on all the connected platforms. As a result, it reduces sellers’ efforts and saves many hours. They can utilize the same time in other important tasks.

Secure and Fast Data Transfer

The Integration solutions actually integrate marketplace seller accounts in real-time. Therefore, the data flow is not only fast but secure as well. It further eliminates any chance of errors in the process.

No Need to Switch Between the Accounts

Managing different platforms for multichannel selling can be a pain in the neck as it is tiring and time-consuming. The API connector saves this hassle by providing a single platform for managing products, orders, and accounts.

Improves Visibility

Visibility is an essential aspect of being an online seller. Because if your customers can’t see you, they know nothing about your existence. And that’s painful to hear after putting in this much effort. eCommerce Integration will help you improve SEO and rank your products on the top of search engine results.

So, what do you think of eCommerce Marketplace Integration?

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