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MaxKassa - это сервис для приема платежей на сайте. Вы заключайте договор с банком-партнером и настраивайте подключение к платежной системе MaxKassa с помощью одного из готовых скриптов, и можете принимать оплату в своем интернет-магазине. Размер комиссии от 2,4 до 2,7 по банковским картам в зависимости от Вашего оборота. А денежные средства будут перечисляться на любой, указанный вами расчетный счет в течение 2 рабочих дней.

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We recommend to investigate similar apps to make a decision. While doing this you should study the similarities and differences in cost, general features, specific product capabilities, as well as the number of integrations and customer support. Of course, design also can influence your choice.

We’ve compiled a list of top competitors that are very resembling in price and features to MaxKassa. The list is based on similarity reviews, so if MaxKassa doesn’t suit you in any way, here you can easily select the best option for you. Look at real reviews to find out how MaxKassa compares to other similar platforms and find the best platform for your business.

This top you an opportunity to compare all the best alternatives to MaxKassa and make an informed decision. As the right software combination that meets your organization needs ensure that your business processes will reach the maximum effectiveness and increase profit along with saving time and labor. Choose a right program stack and Apiway integrations will allow you to make it all work together for the benefit of your organization.

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