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Apiway paid plan update

Hi folks,

My name is Anton Viborniy. I'm a CEO at Apiway.

Today I want to tell you an important thing about Apiway pricing.

Some of you have been using Apiway for free for a few years. 

We thought we could perform with our 2-side business model. Free API integration platform and b2b software marketplace. 

But we failed. That’s why in September, we launched a paid subscription for new users.

Now it’s time to launch it for old users too.

I understand that it’s sad news for you. But it will help us to create a better product.

In gratitude to the old users, we decided to create a promo code "Blackfriday2022 '' that allows you to purchase all Apiway paid plans with 30% and fix this price forever. 

On the 1st of December, your account will be automatically switched to a trial plan with only 100 data transfers per month. All this time you had unlimited data transfers.

So, if you like to use Apiway, until the 1st of December, you have a chance to get a lifetime 30% discount for all paid plans. 

Click the "Upgrade" button in your account and use promo code "Blackfriday2022"  to get a 30% discount.

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