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Features of an Efficient Online Grocery Delivery Platform

Growcer is one of the most viable and robust turnkey solutions aimed at entrepreneurs looking to launch an online grocery store. It has a wide array of built-in features like responsive design, multiple payment options, contactless delivery, delivery slot management, multi-store management, etc. It is built using a secure architecture making the platform highly safe. The solution comes with various pre-integrated APIs like PayPal, Stripe, Khipu, Razorpay, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, PayTm, amazon etc.



The market for an online grocery store is ripe


With eCommerce coming into the picture, nowadays people prefer to buy stuff online rather than going to the local brick and mortar shop. In a recent survey conducted by Nielson, results showed that one in four respondents already buys groceries online. Every second person, who is not buying groceries online, plans on doing the same in the near future. In addition, the industry is growing at a rate of 13 per cent year on year. These entire statistics highlight that now is the best time to launch an online grocery store.


Features of Growcer



  • Mobile friendly – The future of eCommerce is inclining towards mobile devices, which makes Growcer an ideal solution for launching a mobile-friendly online grocery delivery business. The solution is responsive in nature, which allows the online store to offer the best experience alike across desktops, smartphones and tablets.


  • Simplified Payments – Growcer has a wide array of payment gateways making it feasible for your customers to make transactions.


  • Reviews and rating – Growcer has an inbuilt rating and review section so that the shoppers can benefit from product ratings and make informed decisions while buying.


  • Referral and reward program – Acquiring customers is critical for any new startup. In addition, the best way to achieve that is through a referral program. Growcer has an inbuilt option where you can give your customer’s incentive for referring the website to friends and family.


  • Order repeat option – The best user-centric feature in growcer is the order repeat option which makes it easy for the consumers to repeat their order without going through the list of products.


  • eWallet – Growcer is built on secure architecture and has an e-wallet option that makes payments like a walk in the park.


  • Search Engine friendly – Online stores built using Growcer get the added benefit of being search engine friendly which results in better traction and sales.


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  • Refined product search – When selling thousands of products, growcer makes it easy for the user to find relevant products with its seamless product discovery option.


  • Multi-cart - With this feature offered by Growcer, the buyers can conveniently add items from the different stores listed on the website/app to a single cart with a single checkout.


  • Single item Cancellation - This is a new feature offered by Growcer that allows the customer ordering groceries to cancel a single item without any hassle of cancelling the whole order and adding the items again.


  • Multi-currency - The solution offers multi-currency features so that the locals can buy the items in their own currency without any hassle of currency conversion.


  • Tax Management - It’s an important feature for the admin of the grocery delivery platform allowing the admin to manage global customer, global category and product level taxes to be applied.


  • Other features offered by Growcer are:




A) Feature for Admin of Grocery Delivery Platform:


  • Product Catalogue System
  • Commission Management
  • Advance Reports and Statistics
  • Delivery Staff Management
  • Multiple Revenue Channels
  • Subscription Package Management
  • Multiple Level of Administrative Access


B) Features offered for Vendor/Sellers


  • Delivery Slots Management
  • Import/Export of Data in Bulk
  • Pin Shop on the Map
  • Order Cancellation Request Management
  • Subscription Plans
  • Order Refund Management


C) Features offered for Delivery Staff


  • Define Delivery Radius
  • Accept or Reject the Order
  • Click and Call to Seller and Buyers
  • Delivery Order Management
  • Order Cancellation at Anytime
  • Push Notifications


D) Features offered for Buyer/Customers


  • Auto-Detect the User Location
  • Product Search
  • Guest User Checkout
  • Order Tracking
  • PWA
  • Order Substitution


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Mobile Apps Offered By Growcer:



A) Grocery Delivery Apps


Growcer offers a grocery delivery app for the delivery staff to manage timely order delivery. The grocery delivery app is equipped with all the essential features required for your online grocery platform.


B) Multi-Vendor Grocery Buyer Apps


The multi-vendor grocery buyer apps offered by Growcer are designed for the customer/buyers to make their grocery ordering process hassle-free.


Wrap Up


With the ease of installation and options for customization, this platform is one of the most user-friendly and robust platforms for launching an online grocery delivery platform.


The solution also supports other business niches like ePharmacy, vegan food, online board games, dairy, pet food, meat delivery, liquor & wine delivery etc.

For further information on grocery delivery business, visit here


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