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7 Tips to Scale Knowledge Base Content That Helps Customers

Help your customers help themselves.”

– Anonymous

Okay, we admit that we came up with that, but there’s no denying the profundity of the statement. Especially so in this ever more busy world where customers are time-bound and are looking to ‘Google it‘ to find information to quell their needs.

While self-service customer support has quite a few ways to go, it is certainly being helped by the fact that providing excellent customer support to clients can make them come back to you in droves and prompt them to be four times more loyal to your brand. Of the numerous channels this support can be proffered by, with SMS, live chat, chatbots, and Facebook Messenger being a few of them, customers sometimes need to find answers on their own for themselves. This sentiment is so prevalent among them today that 91% of consumers claimed that they would use a knowledge base if it was tailored to their needs.

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