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Top 10 Effective SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic In 2021

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most powerful methods to bring potential clients to your site. But here’s the thing – you have to use it properly. Does it feel like the rate at which SEO techniques are changing (and how effective are they) is steadily increasing? If so, you are not alone. Google is getting smarter and more powerful – not only at analyzing and understanding websites but also at becoming effective at keeping people in check.

Why? The more reliable Google reacts to questions in the SERPs or directs users to advertisements rather than organic ads, the more money it gets. Unfortunately, this makes things very difficult for those who rely on Google’s organic search traffic as a savior. Below are the effective SEO techniques you need to follow to increase organic traffic on your website. These are not the only SEO techniques you need to practice, but they should be an integral part of your approach. When you can reach each one of them, you can work on growing your visibility and traffic.

Top 10 Effective SEO Techniques To Drive Organic Traffic In 2021

Update Existing Content

It’s easy to instantly create new content as part of your content strategy, but the truth is that most websites have the ability to upgrade and update existing content first. New content takes time to rank and increase related traffic. Rarely posts any content and instantly ranks at the top of the SERPs. Only if it were that easy. However, by improving your existing content, you can make quick profits (both in terms of rankings and traffic). But where do you start updating existing content and why should you pay attention to it?

When you look back on what you’ve posted in the past, look for ways to improve your existing content based on two things:

  • Current trends and facts
  • Performance data available in Google Search Console
  • Find the best-performing pages from your competitors

The more you know about your competitors’ SEO services and strategies, the better your own website will perform. Taking the time to find out what works for the site where you are competing in the SERPs can take your analysis to the next level and understand why this approach works before using the information yourself. A useful origin purpose is to find your competitors’ top ranking pages so you can get an idea of ​​where their traffic is coming from and where it’s being driven from.

Use Digital PR To Get Credibility Feedback

An SEO Agency tells that one of the biggest obstacles SEO optimists face is getting comprehensive feedback. Feedback remains one of the three most important factors in Google rankings. While many different linking strategies can help you successfully acquire relevant links, the fact remains that many techniques are difficult to measure effectively. The best way to get different websites to create high-quality and relevant links to your website is to provide unique and relevant content that can easily gain popularity in online communities. And one tactic that can help you gain editorial links by creating great content is digital PR.

Improve User Experience Across Your Website

Let’s start with a brief explanation of Google’s purpose as a search engine. Like other search engines, their goal is to find the best results for each user’s search query. If they fail in this plan, users are less likely to use search engines anymore. However, Google does this very well, making it the largest search engine in the world!

Internal Main Connection

Internal linking is one of the most underrated SEO tactics out there. As an SEO Company, we often rush to act on new feedback before making sure that the feedback we already have is working as effectively as possible. One great activity you can do is increase internal links based on the pages on your website with the most links. Do you want to know how to do it? Check SEMrush’s Backlink Analysis Tool and go to the “Indexed Pages” and sort by “Domains”.

Optimize Your Landing Page

When you work with influential people or post ads, think about where you want those links to go. Users who go to your homepage are less likely to make a purchase than people who go to product pages with a unique CTA.


Like most utmost businesses, AI is improving SEO and marketing entrepreneurs. The reason AI has this impact on marketing is the customization that AI offers. And here’s the fact: Google uses AI to help search engines get the results they want.

Video Marketing

YouTube is the next most successful search engine after Google with 1 billion+ users. Even if you don’t care about videos, it’s time to get started.

But how do we optimize your video content for search engines? First, change the name and description of your video channel. While the information shouldn’t be overburdened with keywords, it should give a user-friendly classification of your channel. But keywords are also important. For example, if you are optimizing videos for YouTube, you can use YouTube’s autocomplete feature. Start by typing the subject of your video and then you will see some suggestions in the search box. Suggestions are related keywords that you can use to tweak your videos to reach the right audience.

Target Snippets

Google displays content snippets that clearly answer common questions. To appear at the top of the search results page, write clear and concise responses to long lines and include them in the introduction to your SEO blog posts.

Create Thematic Clusters

Instead of keyword-only blogging, find out the topics that interest your users the most (using statistics as downtime). Then create content clusters that provide opportunities to build trust in your brand while building internal links.

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