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What is Apiway
Apiway helps digital marketers connect different apps like Facebook lead form and Google sheets with each other using API.
How it works?
We provide you with readymade video tutorials about business automation with your school logo and school name.
You don't need to do anything
You add these videos to your digital marketing course as a special bonus for students
It's additional value for your course you can use in your ads
You can add Apiway and other software vendor's affiliate links with 20-50% recurring commission of the apps that we use in these videos
It's an additional revenue stream that never stops and grows like a snowball
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What's the point?
Your benefits
Apiway benefits
Additional value for your students
They will know how to connect apps via API without coding and use different marketing software
New revenue stream
People can use Apiway, ActiveCampaign and other tools for years. And you will get commission all these time
We promote Apiway through marketing courses
Videos you can add to your course
What is API and how it works
- Introduction video with your logo and school name
- What is business automation
- What is API
- What is the API integration platform
Main Ipaas vendors
(You can add API integration platforms affiliate links)
Send a Facebook lead into Google Sheets
- How to connect Facebook lead form with Google Sheets using API integration platforms
Triggers and Actions in API
(You can add Apiway affiliate links)
How to create a Free CRM
- What is CRM?
- Two main features in all CRM systems
- How to use Trello as a CRM
- Connect Facebook leads and Trello
(You can add ActiveCampaign affiliate link)
Webhook in automation
- What is webhook
- How to connect all apps using webhooks
- How to connect Shopify and Google sheets
- Send a new lead from your website into Google sheets
(You can add Shopify and LeadPage affiliate link)
New calendar notification in
Slack /Telegarm
- How to connect Google Calendar with Slack
- Send a notification about your meeting before 30 min in the Telegram
Send SMS to you customers
- How to connect Facebook lead ads and
(You can add ClickSend Affiliate link)
(Also we can record a unique video for you)
You don't need to do anything.
Just add videos and affiliate links to your course and that's all.
We can record a video with your logo and school name
About Our Partner Program
After registration in our affiliate program, you will have an affiliate link that you can promote.

We provide 50% recurring commissions on all sales you generate (including plan renewals, upgrades, and one-time purchases) for as long as your referrals remain customers.

90 days cookies window.
Can I use these videos in my commercial video courses?
    - Yes, you can
    Can I post these videos on Youtube or social media?
        - Not, because these videos should be like a "secret sauce".
        - But you can record your video about Apiway and share it
        Can you record more videos for me?
              - Yes, we can. Contact us
              Can you add my logo and school name to the video?
                      - Yes, we can. Contact us
                      I have another idea about partnership. Can I offer it?
                                - Yes, you can. Contact us
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