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Hi. My Shopify site is about a month old. I'm figuring out the Facebook-ads ropes, so to speak. I set up a conversion/checkouts campaign and it was doing well with a 3-4x ROAS. After a few days, it got hit with "Learning Limited" and I got various warnings. Based on that, I changed to conversions/add-to-cart campaign. This did less well and broke even. However, I figured I need to build up the learning before I can do well. Lo and behold, I get the same message on this campaign, even though I got 14 add-to-carts in one day. It seems to me that the conversions/checkout campaign was doing significantly better than conversions/add-to-cart was. Should I just ignore "Learning Limited" and plow on? I had budget up to $40 a day, which is what I can afford right now. It's too early for me to risk dropping $100 a day. What do you recommend? Thanks

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