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Twilio: Dial failover on busy signal

Person A calls my server. My server returns Twiml with Dial plus extra, connecting them to my client C. Sometimes C's phone is busy, and the extra just tells A they couldn't be connected, try texting. I want to have a failover, where the same thing happens when C is not busy, but if C is busy, A is put in a queue, as are subsequent callers. When C's call ends, I try to connect A to C. Is there a way of doing this with simple Twiml verbs, like dial.queue, and Redirect? So far I've failed: I can enqueue A when C is busy, hearing hold music and all, but I've utterly failed to get A off the queue and in touch with C. I suspect I'll need to create calls using the API, but figured I'd ask to see if the Twiml way should be doable. I am aware that I could just throw all callers into a queue, but for business reasons I want to preserve the "ring and connect" behavior when the client is immediately available

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