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Selenium webdriver takes 25 mins to identify and click an element

This is Salesforce application with selenium Java. Scenario: Login to Salesforce with username, password and click on login. After that click on account tab in the Salesforce homepage. Issue: Salesforce login functionality is working fine. No issues. After login to Salesforce it take 23 mins to perform the next action (click on Account tab link) Here I used explicit wait of presence of element for 30 secs for the account tab link before click operation. My script is not getting failed. I am not getting any timeout exception or no such element exception and my script is successful only after 23 mins (it takes 23 mins to identify element and click an element). With same selenium code I tried with different Salesforce application but this time everything works as expected(after login I am able to click on account tab link). I never change the code. I just changed the application URL. I am thinking there might be an issue with application.but I am not sure about exact issue. At least I should have received timeout or no such element exception Or my script should have executed right after login without 23 mins of delay. I tried all the possible options like Page load strategy, fluent wait and explicit wait. Nothing works for me

How to implement marketing automation?

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