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How Automated Solutions are Shaping the Future of eCommerce?

eCommerce automation is the most innovative technology in this digital era. It is helping small businesses and entrepreneurs expand their businesses with ease. It helps them reduce costs and save time. eCommerce marketplace Integration is the perfect example of automation in the eCommerce world which is changing the course of the future and how sellers manage their online stores today.

Multichannel Integration is an API-based eCommerce solution that works as a two-way connection between multiple marketplaces and a single online store. In short, it is a tool that connects two or multiple channels and unifies their data to a centralized platform. The sellers can then manage, control, and track different activities on the connected channels from a single place.

More and more sellers are turning to Integration solutions to make their selling process easier and more efficient. According to a global survey report by McKinsey & Co, 31% of businesses use at least one fully automated function. And more businesses are likely to automate business in the coming years.

But why?

Why has Integration Become Essential Today?

eCommerce today has become much more competitive than it was at the time of its invention. With the advancements of new technologies and the growing trust of people in online shopping, sellers have more tasks in their hands than managing orders, inventories, shipments, etc, manually on their store.

Automation simplifies many aspects of your eCommerce store, here are some of them:

  • Easy management of inventories
  • Selling on multiple online platforms
  • Better marketing opportunities
  • Simplified order fulfillment
  • Shipment tracking
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Easy management of returns and refunds
  • Better email marketing and cart abandonment
  • Simple analytics and data collection
  • Secure Workflow management

So, automating the online platforms frees up sellers and their teams to focus on more important things; such as providing better customer interaction, planning creative ways to engage more customers, and analyzing sales. Even 68% of top-performing small businesses use eCommerce automation to earn higher revenue.

How is eCommerce Automation Going to Help Your Business?

Automation can solve many eCommerce issues and enhance your selling experience. It helps you get most tasks done without investing a lot of effort or time in it. So, here is the list of benefits your business will get from Automation -

  • Complete hours of manual tasks in a short time
  • Experience faster and easier online business processes
  • Easy inventory management with ERP and POS
  • Helps in smoother customer experience by offering multiple fulfilments, drop-shipping, easy returns, and improved customer service
  • Reduce manual tasks means reduced employees and training cost
  • Helps focus on better tasks such as decision-making and strategy
  • Experience surge in sales

Easier marketing process with automated emails and scheduled social media posts

eCommerce automation makes the business workflow more convenient, efficient, and cost-effective. So, small businesses can run with limited resources and compete with bigger companies.

How to implement marketing automation?

ActiveCampaign is a marketing and sales automation platform that helps growing businesses meaningfully connect and engage with their customers. Its SaaS platform enables businesses to create optimized customer experiences by automating many behind the scenes processes and communicating with their customers across channels with personalized messages.


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