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Startup idea - Marketplace for pitch decks

I won't do it myself since I'm working on Apiway full time, but maybe someone’s looking for a niche. 

I recently got a cold email from Funden. It's a startup with a base of investors and their contacts. The idea is simple. You buy a contact list and start sending cold emails. So, I started using it.

It works, you get replies, and they look at your pitch deck. I can see it in the stats. 

But there's a problem.

Fundraising at an early stage is a thankless job. Everybody wants to get away from you. And the worst thing is that you understand it, but you have to move forward. 

There are problems for investors as well. If you're a well-known fund, you get spammed from all sides. Even those who decide to open a "Unique T-shirt store" will send their pitch decks. 

If you're not a well-known fund, you have to look for projects on your own. Because startups don't know anything about you. If you're an angel investor, you also have to dig in the mug to find pearls.

Startups often use the carpet-bombing method and try to contact everyone, because the personal approach is very difficult at this stage. 

When startups and investors get to the call stage, they ask questions about traction like revenue, site traffic, active users, etc. 

To get a full picture, you need to call. Thus, it takes a lot of time. 

So, the biggest problem is filtering out adequate startups by stage niche and traction. And after that giving them as much time as possible. 

This is what Y Combinator does. It sells a base of startups to investors. The startup buys access to investors who are willing to invest. 

The solution exists.

You can make a marketplace where the startup posts its pitch deck and fills out a VERY long and detailed questionnaire. It specifies the industry like B2B, SaaS, or No-code. Marketplace verifies all applications. Investors only come in and look at startups in the category they’re interested in. 

Now comes the fun part. The startup uses an API to connect its bank, Google Analytics, search console, and CRM. You can look at the track chain in real-time. 

Investors can set up some kind of signals like setting up a meeting with someone whose revenue doubled in a month or more than 100 registrations passed in the CRM. 

At the end of the day, startups get emails from investors who understand their type of business, their stage, and their industry. Investors don't need to dig in the trash and only find out on the call stage that there are some crucial problems.

Monetization is simple. 

The startup pays a subscription for placement. The investor pays for access to startups. Or you could have a freemium model, and pay for signals.

Startups now spend time searching, sending emails, paying for mailing apps, etc. But you can do "Netflix for pitch decks."

I'd pay for that...

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