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Conversational Chatbot : What Makes a Bot Conversational?

Satisfying customers' demands and providing them support service is essential for the growth of every business in today's time. Customers adopt various channels to reach out to businesses. One such channel is chatbot customer service.

A chatbot is a conversational AI and ML-powered chatbot that handles customer support services. A conversational chatbot is becoming extremely popular as it is used to answer customer's issues, queries, automate the resolutions, and hand over the conversation to human agents whenever required. In addition, chatbots are used to offer accurate and fast answers to customers.

Different Types of AI Chatbots

It is crucial to differentiate various types of chatbots that are available in the market. These include:

Button/Menu-Based Chatbots

These chatbots offer users the opportunity to choose from the options available in the menu. The structure is quite simple. These bots are used to answer the pre-defined questions and become ineffective in case complex queries are asked. Button chatbots cannot understand the same request when framed differently.

Keyword Based Chatbots

Here, the user types the word or the phrase, and the bot identifies the keyword and matches it with the pre-loaded responses. The bot will only reply with the content that has been manually loaded into the system. It helps to give reasonable business control over your brand's automated messages. But these bots cannot understand the complex queries and contexts.

Conversational Chatbots Using NLP

Conversational artificial intelligence chatbots are the most advanced chatbots. These chatbots understand the meaning behind the word, thus providing an exceptional experience. In addition, AI-enabled chatbots can detect an emotional conversation that hands over the conversation to the agents whenever needed.

How to Design a Good Conversational Chatbots

An excellent conversational AI chatbot helps to give your company an edge over its competitors. However, you need to ensure that the interaction with your bot is qualitative and satisfying for the users.

A Script for Transactional Queries

A chatbot script is used to reply to queries. It is a pre-planned conversational message. The simple FAQ is answered with a one-off response, but the transactional queries will require a script. The bot needs to follow a specific conversational flow. To deliver the message in the best possible way, the script must be clear and informative.

Writing Style

You should ensure that the people must understand the conversational AI chatbot reply. In addition to writing a clear script, you must keep the bot's answer short and precise because the more the readers, the higher the chances of getting confused and distracted. You can break the dialogues up and divide them into smaller chunks.


You need to decide what kind of personality you want for your conversational chatbots. First, it helps to determine the conversational AI platform's tone of voice, language, and communication style.

Crafting a quality chatbot is not easy, but it helps make chatbots more trustworthy and effective. AI Chatbots are capable of personalized experiences to offer great satisfaction to the users. It can handle 60% repetitive queries and save the time and effort of agents. One of the best AI chatbot service providers in India is It enables the businesses to build up a good customer relationship. Their chatbots provide the best resolution and smooth transfer of calls to live agents. The services provided by are trusted by more than 700 global companies, including BYJUS, Pepsi, TATA power, etc. Incorporating these bot services into your business will help your business grow. Contact today for more information!

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