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How to make everybody love your industry event: CMW 2021 analysis

Any event promo begins months before it. In the case of such occasions as The Oscars, preparations can take even more than a year.

This is the period when a marketing team focuses on spreading news far and wide, generating the momentum for registrations, ticket purchases, donations, or peer-to-peer fundraiser sign-ups.

Let’s look how marketing pros do that.

CMW 2021

In the US, Content Marketing World 2021 is a noteworthy event in the realm of content marketing since 2011. (No, it is really not an ad.)

The conference will be hosted at the end of September in Cleveland, Ohio. Due to post-pandemic trends, the organizers provide digital sessions as well. More than 3 000 attendees from 250 companies and 225 speakers are expected. 

How to draw marketing pros’ attention to the event?

There are many options. You can send last year participants emails, advertise on industry-specific platforms and media outlets, even try telemarketing. However, most likely, your first idea will be an SMM campaign around the event. It is no wonder that the CMW team has launched one. 

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