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YoDeals - A Feature Driven Ecommerce Solution to Start Daily Deals Website

The wide adoption of the internet has surely changed the social behavior of consumers. A lot of new business models have come to the forefront, that have not only streamlined the business-consumer interaction but also opened new revenue streams. Ecommerce is a buzzword and there are endless businesses making profits on online pedestal. The number of eCommerce websites throws a challenge to future businesses to win customer base amid stiff competition.


Nevertheless, there are hundreds if not thousands of business models that have evolved to create a niche for themselves. Daily deals websites is one of them, and promises huge growth prospects. These websites work on a two-pronged approach.


  • Helping consumers find the best deals
  • Bridging the gap between businesses & consumers


Now that the business model and growth prospects of daily deals website are clear, the next question that goes through the mind of a prospective entrepreneur is how to go ahead and launch a similar website. The easiest and hassle free option is to go for a daily deals website script.


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Due to its popularity, daily deals scripts have become dime a dozen, but very few take cognizance of the key features required to make a killer website. The only name that stands out in this arena is YoDeals.


What is YoDeals & why is it a Perfect Solution to Launch Daily Deals Website?


It is a revolutionary local daily deals system complete in all respects and gives a much-needed advantage to startups in terms of advanced features. YoDeals combines the best features of a multi-vendor store and deals portal to bring forth an exquisite turnkey solution. Some of its key features include.


  • A secure payment gateway, simplified accounting options, and easy voucher management system.
  • This multi-vendor daily deals system also offers a host of value-added features such as blog, reviews & ratings for deals.
  • A dedicated merchant, product, deals and user management section making it a powerful and complete package.


However, the features of this highly acknowledged platform do not end here. Following are more benefits associated with YoDeals:


  • One size fits all – A single responsive website design across desktop, mobile, tablets or any screen size.
  • Built even for noobs – Easy to use custom CMS, that does not require a technological background, allowing you to focus on marketing.
  • Scale up and down without any hassle – A consolidated product management system that allows you to scale the platform as per the requirement
  • Detailed data analysis: Allowing admins to track revenues and expenses for better decision-making capabilities.
  • Loved by search engine robots - SEO friendly
  • Security at its best – Ensuring data protection and secure payments with robust security layers.


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Looking at the host of features, the next thing that would come to the mind is the price of such a remarkable product. No need to worry; Yo Deals would not put a big hole in your pocket. It has been developed aiming at early stage startups whose primary need is a feature driven product at economical pricing. Its GoQuick package starts at $99 offering you a host of features.


Still confused? Let us take another prospect. What does $99 get you?


  • A one night stay at a hotel, or
  • An hour long spa session, or
  • A dinner for two at a restaurant
  • Or


A startup Launchpad for hosting all the above local deals and make money. In the current startup ecosystem, an accelerated start surely gives you an edge over the competition. So get your own local daily deals marketplace up and running in no time with Yo Deals. In the time that you took to read this, you could have launched your own daily deals marketplace.



Yo!Deals is one of the most widely used eCommerce solutions offering a complete package to launch own daily deals website. Its acquisitive design and powerful CMS delivers a robust website with options like multi-vendor functionality. Therefore, if you are looking for a long term investment in the forms of a daily deals website, then Yo Deals is the best possible solution being high on features and low on price.


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Excerpt 1


With so many eCommerce websites mushrooming in the startup arena, entrepreneurs have started to look for an alternative business model. Aimed at entrepreneurs looking to launch a daily deals website, YoDeals has become the number one choice for many. It is a perfect daily deals website script with customizable user interface and cutting edge features. Read more to find out why YoDeals is a complete package to launch daily deals website.


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When it comes to launching a daily deals website, there is nothing that comes in comparison to YoDeals. It brings a vast range of features meticulously crafted to provide a hassle free experience. It takes into account the required benefits of all the stakeholders, be it portal owner, merchant, or buyer. Clubbed with economical pricing and driven by advanced features, YoDeals has become one of the most acknowledged daily deal website scripts. Read more to find out how.


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The daily deals websites have generated a huge buzz around them, becoming one of the most sought after business models. YoDeals in that sense is the perfect solution for entrepreneurs who want to start a daily deals website. The innovative script is exclusively designed with all the necessary features. What makes it unique is its economical pricing and hassle free setup. Read ahead to find out more.


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