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How to start a YouTube channel for your online business in 2021

Why start a YouTube channel for your online business in 2021

According to Oberlo, YouTube has 2.3 Billion active users consuming 1 Billion hours of video each day. Surely everyone should be getting onto YouTube and garnering some of that attention for themselves. As an online business owner, video content can no longer be ignored.

After all, it is free to start and content can be shared across Web 2.0, blogs, websites, and more.

So if we know we should be on YouTube, what is the best way to start a YouTube for your online business in 2021?

Here is a list of 6 actionable steps you can take today in order to make your channel successful.

  1. Create a YouTube account for your business
  2. Brand your YouTube Business Channel Professionally
  3. Fill out your YouTube profile with your audience in mind
  4. Create your first piece of content for your YouTube channel
  5. Create a YouTube content strategy that works for your business
  6. Promote your YouTube channel

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