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Marketplace for dog owners + social network

Let’s continue to discuss ideas for startups.

Not so long ago I had an idea to create a marketplace for dog lovers, combined with a social network.

The idea is to make an online store with various dog accessories (food, toys, clothes, and other goods for dogs), but in addition to that, I want to add to the store a place where all the dog lovers can communicate online: to discuss everyday problems, share news, boast about their pets. In general, my idea is to add to the store a social networking site exclusively for dog lovers.

Now there are a lot of sites where you can communicate with people with a variety of hobbies, everyone can find a comrade of interest. Anywhere in the world, you can find like-minded people.

At the same time, there are also online stores where you can buy anything you want. Why not combine these two useful things into one? Create a place where you can socialize and shop at the same time.

When there was no Internet, people found like-minded people in stores, markets, and sports sites, so why not revive it now, but in an online format? It's convenient, affordable, and easy.

What do you think about this idea? What are the pros and cons? Is it worth implementing? If yes, advise me on what platform to build such a thing? Have you seen similar marketplaces? If so, please send me a link.

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