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A new generation of online conferencing platform

A boom in online conferencing came with the pandemic. Everyone went online. For me it was clear that people go to offline conferences to hang out, not to get new knowledge, but it's not obvious for everyone. The remote work has proven that. Regular Zoom conferences or the classic webinar format is very boring. You need a very big motivation to sit there.

For an event of 50 people an ordinary webinar platform is enough, but for an online conference is not. There you need sponsors, networking, etc. As a result, there’s a need for a new category of tools Product.

The platform where it’s possible to make several broadcasts in parallel (simulation of different scenes or halls at offline conferences). Sponsor banners are placed into the interface, and ads can be put into the video. On the platform, there’s a mini social network of conference participants and a schedule.

Ideally, the platform would match participants for networking as in tinder. It turns out that during the lectures the user listens to the report, surfing on the profiles of participants and sponsors.

Such platforms already exist. They are HeySummit, Hopin, and others. But they are aimed at Enterprise. I think in 2-3 years this functionality will be needed for everyone who holds events online.

You can put the price as for SMB, as the price of the usual webinar platform and this product will be sold well. Big competitors won’t be able to copy you, because they’re already expensive and sell to corporations.

In this market, you can still get a good fix with the usual strategy - copying and dumping.

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