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A social network for real friends

For a year I go to the co-working and see one dude there. We sometimes nod to each other, tried to talk a couple of times, but it seems he isn’t very interested in me as a friend and interlocutor. Then I accidentally saw that we had been "friends" on Fb for years. But this is the opposite situation with my real friends. I'm not even subscribed to them on Instagram.

It turns out there are no friends on FB, but potential customers. Friendship and communication are completely discredited on the internet.

The idea is to make a social network for friends. Scientists have proven that a person cannot maintain more than 150 connections. In such a network, only 150 people can be added as friends. Imagine a mix of Insta, TikTok, and FB just for your own, soulful, and real people.

Because of the flood of trash, I can't see the content of my real friends.

This product is protected from the giants. Fb goes to scale, we're the opposite inward. Everyone already has many subscribers and friends on Instagram and FB, and no one will delete them. I have this situation with Linkedin. I use it as a sales tool, adding everyone. Now my feed consists of trash that I don't even watch.

The idea is utopian enough, but it's "unrepeatable" by the big companies. And that's always an interesting field for experimentation.

What do you think about this idea?

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