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Comparison of Reactjs & Angular

Managed IT and IT staff augmentation services are very common and the most used outsourcing method, in all major organizations. They are a very good alternative to hiring full-in-house employees, it gives you the same experience as the in-house developer at a much lower cost, without degrading the quality of work.

Weighing the Options

Some IT leaders may be concerned about the potential loss of control often associated with adopting an MSP; others may worry about transitional disruptions or resistance from their internal IT teams. These businesses often prefer staff augmentation because of perceived cost savings and notions of greater control. And, for businesses who only need help with one or two quick projects, working with an MSP may not be the right option.

While there are some benefits to staff augmentation in the short term, staff augmentation over an extended period of time—or across multiple projects—has several hidden costs compared to managed services. For example:

  • Specialists may not require subject-matter training, but every new staff augmentation resource must be trained in client-specific processes and tools. Once an MSP understands your environment, they train their resources.
  • Even though you may save money associated with hiring internal employees, staff augmentation increases management overhead. MSPs manage their own resources, which reduces both of these cost areas.
  • If you need more staff augmentation resources, your rates increase significantly because you pay roughly the same price for each additional resource. With an MSP you’re paying for a committed service at a set price.

Managed services are also a more attractive option for IT leaders looking to receive improved results over time across all IT projects. Staff augmentation is about getting projects done, but it can be difficult for a staff augmentation resource to produce results using the same, flawed internal processes that prevented internal employees from solving the problem on their own.

MSPs offer not only people to solve problems, but also people who understand why the problems are occurring. As a result, IT projects get done and clients proactively improve the way they work through careful guidance related to industry best practices—all under a predictable cost structure. Click here to learn more about how working with an MSP can help businesses solve their IT problems.

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