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Common Mistakes Magento Sellers Make and Effective Ways to Fix them

Common Errors in Magento 2

Magento keeps on releasing new versions to improve the interface and make their platform more user and seller-friendly. However, facing new challenges is still a common problem. So, it is essential to fix errors before they become big blunders.

Store Visibility & Performance Issues in Magento 2

SEO is an important factor for any eCommerce store to increase their visibility on the search engine result pages. The process may take time, but there are some mistakes that the sellers make that may slow down the process.

Using the Default Meta Tags

The meta tags, meta titles, and meta descriptions play an important role in determining the SEO of an online store. So, you must include keywords in them if you want your products to rank on Google search results.

Not Using Alt Tags

You must have uploaded a high quality, beautiful and clear image of your product to engage customers. But this is all in vain, if the images aren’t SEO optimized. So, it is essential to use SEO-friendly alt tags.

Not Using Descriptive URLs

URLs also have an important role in optimizing your online store for SEO. For better performance, the URLs must be engaging, readable, and carrying proper keywords. For example, if you are selling shoes:

Forgetting To Change The robot.txt File

Sometimes the sellers forget to change the robot.txt file after making changes on the staging site. This results in restricting search engines to crawl and index eCommerce stores. To avoid making this mistake, set them to INDEX, FOLLOW. You can find the setting as follows:

Accessing your System → Configuration → General → Design → HTML Head → Default robots

Don’t Ignore rel=canonical

Using duplicate content for the product pages can also lower down your chances to be visible on the Search engine result. You can resolve this issue by simply using the canonical tag, rel=canonical, in your eCommerce store URL. This way, search engines will only index the fresh pages.

Installation Issues in Magento 2

Sometimes, the sellers may find errors while installing the extension on the Magento 2 store. Here is the list of things you must consider to avoid getting errors in your store:


Follow the installation guide correctly while manually installing the extension to your store. So, you will find fewer errors and have a hassle-free experience.

System Requirements

It is always wise to check the system requirements first and then download the extension for Magento 2. This way, not only will you save a lot of time but chances of errors will be reduced.

Copy Extensions to the Correct Folder

This is another important thing that you must keep in mind to reduce errors. All files related to the extension should be placed in the right folder or else it will not work in the right manner even after you have installed it on your Magento store.

Extension Performance Issue

Sometimes, you may find it challenging to operate some third-party extensions on your Magento 2 store. Here are the list of things you can do to keep the functioning of extension smooth on your Magento store and avoid errors:

Check Functionality

If you use an extension without checking its functionality, there is a chance you may find it incompatible as per your requirements. In this scenario, you will find more errors and fewer advantages.

Extension Compatibility

Like functionality, your extension must be compatible with the Magento version you are using. Or else, you will waste your time and money. For example, not all Magento 1 extensions are compatible with Magento 2 platforms and vice versa.

Latest Version Download

Just like Magento versions, the extensions also have different versions. And, you may find bugs while using the older ones. So, always make sure to download the latest version of the Magento extension.

Cache Clearance

Cache can sometimes interfere with the extension. So, clearing the Cache can sometimes solve many issues. You can do it by visiting:

Admin Panel > Cache Management Setting > Clear Cache

Wrapping Up

These are some common mistakes and errors that the sellers make while operating their Magento 2 store. These will help sellers take a better approach and optimize their store. Doing this may not be enough, so we will suggest you consult eCommerce experts who can help you in managing your store properly.

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