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Does Selling on Zalando Marketplace Guarantees Success?

Any seller who is looking forward to expanding their business in the fashion niche can sell on Zalando marketplace. But if you are still looking for reasons, here we have listed down some key statistics for your reference.

Key Statistics for Zalando Marketplace

Over 40 million Active Customers

According to a report by Statista, Zalando received over 34.1 million active customers in the second quarter of 2020. On the other hand, Zalando claims to have 42 million registered customers who are active on the platform.

Average Basket Size

According to another report by Statista, the average basket size of the Zalando marketplace is 56.90 Euros. It shows the potential for higher growth in this marketplace.

Many companies are offering automated solutions for sellers looking to ease multichannel selling experience.

Revenue-generating Categories

The sellers can choose to sell multiple product categories on this platform. And the most revenue-generating categories on Zalando are Apparel (58%) and Footwear (34%).

Orders With Higher Worth

According to a report in 2020, 185.5 million orders were made on Zalando website. Also, the orders made were worth 8 billion Euros that shows the opportunities for sales on the marketplace is higher.

Increased Monthly Visits

Zalando receives about 560 million visitors per month. Also, it has experienced an 80 percent increase in monthly visits. It further ensures sellers get better visibility and increased sales.

eCommerce Solutions like API connectors are one of the best ways to organize and track every activity on any marketplace.

Higher Product Range

The platform offers over 1,000,000 assortments for sellers to choose from a wide product range. Moreover, it is available across 20 countries and has over 4000 brands of products.

Zalando marketplace is helping sellers around the world to expand their business in the fashion niche. To make the process even easier, some sellers use API connectors as a centralized solution. So, they can easily track and manage every activity on the connected channels.

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