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Advantages of mobile apps

What are native apps?

Native mobile applications are applications developed for a specific platform, in our case, for iOS or Android. They look organic on a smartphone and are downloaded through the App Store or Google Play.

Such applications can make full use of hardware resources (camera, microphone, accelerometer, compass, light sensor, etc.), access photo and video files, address book, geolocation, player, calendar, and other programs and services. By accessing the notification system, you can enable push notifications.

Compared to hybrid (cross-platform) applications, native ones work faster and more stable, consume less battery and memory.

In classic development, building native apps requires experience with specific environments (xCode for Apple; Eclipse or Android Studio for Android) and knowledge of programming languages ​​(Java and Kotlin; Objective-C and Swift).

Pros of native apps

  • Full access to smartphone resources and functions.
  • More features than mashups.
  • High working speed, better optimized.
  • Fast response and smooth interface animation.
  • They fit organically into the design of specific operating systems.
  • They work more reliably and use resources more economically.
  • Can perform complex mathematical calculations.
  • Distributed through official app stores.

Cons of native apps

  • They only work on one platform.
  • Building, testing, and updating are time-consuming.
  • Native development is expensive.


No-code allows you to bypass the main disadvantages of native development. The code is generated automatically, which means you don't need to learn specific languages ​​or look for developers. The cost of the application will not depend on the OS - the tariff for iOS and Android will be the same. In the mobile app builder, it is easier to develop for different platforms. It will take much less time than classic development.

In addition, the native framework (in Swift or Kotlin for the respective OS) will allow you to update your application without publishing delays. It is enough to publish it in PlayMarket or AppStore once, and all interface and logic updates will be delivered to users instantly, you just need to make changes and republish the backend.

Create your native app - register on our no-code platform and join the community chat on Telegram.
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