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How Banks & Financial Services Can Benefit from Bulk SMS Provider

Today, conditions have changed, and banking and financial sectors have started adopting newer customer-friendly technology that benefits most banking clients. More and more banks and fintech firms are ushering into the new generation of mobile technology and are adopting SMS messaging services, of which both have helped increase customer satisfaction. Mobile communication is one of the most reliable methods of communication. Diverse businesses are using it for communication with clients to provide better and enhanced customer service. Bulk SMS services can give the organisation a competitive advantage. Financial Services and Banks can take advantage of Bulk SMS Services to interact via SMS with customers.

Furthermore, businesses can get a lead over their competitors by using SMS services. This effective communication means will allow businesses to exchange information faster and streamline the efforts of their customer care team. Let's see how you can use Bulk SMS services to boost your banking and fintech business in this new era of omnichannel marketing.

Bulk SMS Service Use Cases for Banks & FinTech Sectors

Sending Text Alerts

Presently, communicating with clients has become very easy. You can send notifications spontaneously about account balances, withdrawals, deposits, etc., via the Bulk SMS service. It is also very helpful for the customers as they won't be required to get their passbook updated to know their account balances or other details. As the transaction is done, SMS gets delivered immediately. The bank's database needs to be linked to the SMS software API to provide automatic alerts for activities like overdue payments, big transactions, low balances, bank statements, etc. It is a very convenient means for both the clients as well as the banks.

Inform Your Clients 

Keep your customers well informed about the newly launched policies, new schemes as per their interests. Keep them updated regarding all the vital information. You can even promote your products and services by including a call to action. It fosters more involvement with the customer and helps in building healthy relations with clients.

Bring Agents to the Phone

Act like a real-time agent to clients through automated Bulk SMS updates for everything from interest rate changes and stock market movements to funding NAVs. These can be hourly, weekly or even monthly, tailored to customer's needs and transaction frequency.

Enhanced Customer Support

Customers do not want to wait for long to get their queries resolved. SMS services can be used to solve the queries of the customers more quickly and effectively. Customers can get the basic details of their accounts like balance, current status, overdue, details of previous transactions, changing the account password etc.

Banks and Financial Institutions have brought a significant transformation and improved customer satisfaction by providing all services under one roof. This positive change is beneficial for both customers and the industry. In addition, the Bulk SMS service is an effective and time-saving tool that is helping these sectors to improve their operations. If you would like to try it out, contact mTalkz, the leading Bulk SMS Service Provider in India. You can use mTalkz's SMS API to streamline your customer communication, ensure the security of transactions, promote your services, educate your customers, and more!

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