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Best Arcadier Alternative to Launch an Online Rental Store

One such solution is Arcadier, which is known for its templatized UI and customization tools. With the help of Arcadier, entrepreneurs can easily set up a rental store without the need to code. However, with the launch of Yo!Rent V3, FATbit’s Yo!Rent has become an even stronger alternative to Arcadier. 

Those who aren’t aware of Yo!Rent, is an online marketplace solution by FATbit Technologies. It comes with a robust, user-friendly, and easily customizable design. Yo!Rent also provides rent-centric functionalities like product comparison, product inspection, rental security management, and custom cancellation policies at a competitive price.

In this blog, I have shared my analyses of both Arcadier and Yo!Rent, and also listed the reasons to prefer the latter. 

Yo!Rent vs Arcadier: Features & Functionality Comparison

Below is my observation on several common factors in both Arcadier and Yo!Rent:

Hosting and Source Code Rights

Where FATbit’s Yo!Rent is self-hosted and available with a lifetime license, Arcadier is a SaaS-based marketplace, with no hosting control nor any ownership rights. 


Yo!Rent is a fully customizable solution that entrepreneurs can update as per their likes and preferences. They can also introduce new features to the software or create unique user journeys. This flexibility is only available in the growth and scale model of Arcadier.

Business Scalability 

For business expansion purposes, small-scale startups may need to upgrade or move on to another rental solution. You may not face this problem when selecting a highly scalable software in the first place. For example, SaaS solutions like Arcadier often have a limited number of transactions, user profiles, product listings, or all of them. 

However, Yo!Rent has no such limitations and can support your rental business at every growth stage.

Privacy and Security

As Yo!Rent is a self-hosted solution, the service provider (FATbit Technologies in this case) does not procure any controls over the server post-deployment. On the other hand, Arcadier is hosted on the company’s servers, which means the service provider collects and stores private business information at all times. This makes Arcadier more susceptible to security breaches, data leaks and other cyber-security threats. 

Technical support

Yo!Rent comes with one year of free technical support whereas Arcadier comes with 24/7 general customer support. The support options provided by Arcadier do sound more beneficial, but during my research, I found out that the team is often unresponsive to client queries. This puts a question on the reliability of Arcadier’s customer assistance. 

Payment Gateways

Providing the lowest transaction rates is beneficial on eCommerce sites. In multi-vendor marketplaces, vendors also prefer gateways with lower transaction rates. While some third-party payment gateways charge zero transaction fees on all booking on orders, others come with a small percentage price.

On your online rental store, you would want to offer users the cheapest transaction fees. For this purpose, having a choice of multiple payment gateways is beneficial. The total number of payment gateways on Arcadier is 3 whereas Yo!Rent comes with 15+ payment gateways. 

Marketing Modules

For marketing purposes, Yo!Rent comes with various features like SEO, social media sharing buttons, promotional banners, display advertising, rewards program,s and more. Arcadier only comes with SEO and social media sharing buttons in its base version. All other marketing features are to be added via plugins.  

Take Away

It is quite obvious through the above information that Yo!Rent is a strong alternative to Arcadier. In some scenarios, such as security, hosting, marketing, and scalability, it is even better. Due to its one-time payment, Yo!Rent also provides a higher ROI than Arcadier, which is chargeable on a recurring basis for a lifetime. 

In the end, I would also suggest taking your requirements to both these solution providers and see how they plan to help you out. This will provide you with more helpful and accurate information on Yo!Rent and Arcadier. 

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