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Five Best Magento Extensions Every Online Seller Needs

Every seller starts their online selling journey small and grows it with time by following multiple strategies. Multichannel selling is one such way that helps sellers boost their sales and easily expand their business. However, many sellers hesitate to choose this method because of the complexities in managing activities on marketplaces and Magento stores.

To help sellers overcome these challenges, automation is introduced in the eCommerce market. So, the sellers can simply use eCommerce Integration to automate their store and efficiently manage everything on all connected platforms.

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Now, if you are wondering which are the best Magento extensions for your business, here is the complete list. So, read on!

Top Magento multichannel extensions

Amazon Magento Integration

The first Magento marketplace extension on our list is Amazon Integration. This extension is quite famous among sellers. And, according to a report, around 60 percent of the Magento merchants already sell on Amazon, with 92 percent of them expecting revenue to grow in coming years. 

eBay Magento Integration

eBay is quite a famous marketplace for sellers and buyers alike. And, sellers are always looking for eBay Magento marketplace extension to make the selling experience better on this platform. Moreover, it offers many features that make it easy to handle the Magento store and eBay account efficiently at the same time.

Facebook Magento Integration

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. And its shift towards the eCommerce world has turned many heads. Not only buyers but many sellers, especially the small-scale businesses, showed their interest and trust towards the platform. So, you can also use Facebook Integration to efficiently manage and sell on this marketplace.

Google Shopping Magento Integration

Google Shopping Integration is among the best Magento extension to make your online selling experience flexible. Many sellers prefer this platform as it offers commission-free and frictionless selling opportunities. Moreover, there are over 6000 brands currently selling and enjoying unpaid selling experience.

Walmart Magento Integration

Last but not least, we have Walmart Magento Integration. Walmart has established quite a name throughout the US. So, people prefer their online platform to buy and sell products. Moreover, using this Magento marketplace extension, a seller gets an opportunity to drive traffic to their store.

Summing Up

Here are the five best Magento extensions to enhance your online selling experience. You can expand your business, boost online sales, increase your customer base, and more by selling on multiple marketplaces. 

So, which Magento marketplace extension are you downloading for your store?

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