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No-code FAQ: answering frequently asked questions from users

What can you build with

‌You can build native mobile (for iOS and Android) and web applications (working through browsers), as well as their server-side (everything that is "under the hood" and is not visible to users).

First of all, our no-code platform is focused on creating software for business: organizing work processes, monitoring execution, customer support, accounting for goods, sales, etc. The functionality is thought out in such a way that it is suitable for any area: from law firms to trading companies, from state enterprises to private advertising agencies, from medical centers to IT development teams.

‌All development takes place without the use of code. If the project is non-standard, and for its implementation, you need tools that are not yet on the platform, we can create them.

Platform, constructor, studio, designers, editors - what is responsible for what?

No-code platform is our project as a whole: a set of components for development without code, tools for technical support for users, a blog, training materials, a documentation section. Studio is your development environment, or simply "studio". In the studio, you will create projects - applications with all their components, publish (place on cloud services, local servers, or marketplaces), monitor their work, and also manage your account settings.

Each project will consist of two main parts: backend (server part) and frontend (client part, user interface). You will design and build them without writing any code, using only visual tools:

  • Data Model Designer ("Data Designer") - allows you to design a database, set up links between data.
  • Business Process Editor ("Business Logic") - allows you to visually build the logic of your applications.
  • Section "Endpoints" - here you can configure the interaction of the client and server parts of the application using the REST API.
  • Application designers ("Web Applications", "Mobile Applications") - allow you to design interfaces (for browsers or mobile devices). We can say that here you will create the applications themselves - after all, it is the interfaces that your future users will see.

Also in Studio, there is a section "Modules" - ready-made sets of settings and components. They will allow you to expand the functionality, for example, add integration with third-party services, messengers, social networks. Modules are an important part of no-code development, as they automatically add whatever you would have to create manually.

The term no-code constructor can be applied to the platform as a whole, to the studio, or the designers, depending on the context.

Are No-code tools designed for programmers or ordinary users? is created so that you can master no-code development, even if you have not learned programming languages, do not know anything about software development, or have little knowledge of IT. Of course, it will take more time than those who have experience, but you can create simple no-code projects in the first weeks of working with the platform.

For professional programmers, our platform will greatly simplify their work. After all, the source code is generated automatically - the main thing is to think over the architecture, add the necessary components, and then configure them correctly. It's faster than building software from scratch.

What cannot be done on

Of course, there are several limitations on the platform - after all, was developed to perform specific tasks and it takes time to implement everything that is conceived. For example, while our platform does not allow developing interfaces with a lot of animation and complex visual logic settings.

We are constantly improving and developing the project, adding new features and functions. Although we are unlikely to take up tools for no-code game creation. But, who knows ...

However, we have not yet encountered situations where a task is fundamentally impossible to solve.

How long does it take to figure out Studio?

It will take a programmer or IT engineer about 20 minutes to understand the fundamentals, plus a couple more hours to start building software. Ordinary users need from one day to a week - a lot depends on your knowledge, as well as the availability of free time.

Regardless of the level of training, you will learn much faster than even the simplest programming language.

Do you want to ask a question?

Join the no-code community chat to talk directly with our developers.
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