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From Feet on the Street to Digital: 3 Sales Tips That Never Left

As a salesperson for more than three decades – from selling Kirby Vacuums in the ‘80s, starting my financial firm back in ‘96, and now as Business Development Manager at Callbox – I’ve had the opportunity to experience the shift from “feet on the street” to digital selling. While the methods, strategies, and technologies may seem worlds apart, the core concepts have remained the same. Let’s go over the 3 elements of B2B sales that have withstood the times and why they’ll always matter.

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1. Relationship building

People buy from those who they enjoy talking with and the sales journey that you take them on. If you know what potential obstacles may be in front of you, always address them at the beginning, as once you close the door on obstacles, it will make your sales cycle much smoother. Always make sure that you present with a logical sense that addresses their desires, so it becomes a no-brainer why they should buy from you.

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