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We talked a lot: with developers of other no-code platforms, bloggers, potential partners, our new clients, and those who are just testing the platform. Feedback pleases - users like! Yes, there is a lot of work ahead, but we see results, it inspires us to develop the project.


Great news for beginners



We have released a video course for newbies 101! All videos are in English, with EN and RU subtitles. If you are new to our no-code platform, be sure to check it out!


Now let's talk about the most notable updates.



General changes and fixes


  • We fixed several errors in all sections, in particular - errors of resetting counters and disappearing blocks on the Project Overview page.
  • Changed and expanded the settings of modules and individual elements.
  • We worked on the localization: we made minor edits to the EN version and finishing RU as well (you can change the language in your account settings).



Business processes



  • Fixed the work of the In Array block with variables of the datetime type.
  • Fixed a signature error in the Sign RSA block.
  • Added the Label field as an input variable of the Write Log block.


External Query Editor


  • Added auto-complete request body,
  • Fixed generation of blocks of external requests for correct null checking.


New Blocks


  • DateTime to String - convert date-time to string.
  • Slice string - cuts out a part of the string by the Start (the number of the starting character) and Length (the length of the segment) specified at the input.
  • Concat Strings (Multiple) - Concatenates multiple strings into one.
  • is Even Number - Checks if the number is even.
  • Get Request Body - Gives a string containing the body of the selected request.
  • Logic blocks: Logic AND, Logic OR, Logic NOT.
  • Blocks for analyzing values ​​in an array: Min in Array, Max in Array, Mean in Array, Median in Array.






  • Improved the work of web applications components with endpoints. The endpoint settings window has also changed - now it is much more convenient to work with it.
  • Added the ability to create endpoints like WebHook.
  • Allowed to enable IP filters for the Auth endpoint group.



Web Application Designer


Bugs fixed:


  • saving the default value (the Default Value field) for the form fields,
  • displaying tables when adding several Control columns to them,
  • import of CSV files.




  • the Refresh view data action for the View element.

Generated web application

  • Added word wrap in table cells,
  • Fixed time display error in Time picker,
  • We debugged the mechanism for creating / editing records in the database.



Mobile Application Designer




  • the problem with the disappeared buttons,
  • error displaying fields with static values for array form widgets,
  • several errors related to the Set value action,
  • setting the indents of the Text widget,
  • inability to assign a widget as a Target component if it is in the Navigation bar, Header or Footer,
  • mockup errors in the Mozilla Firefox browser. Developer Application



iOS: version 2.0.2


  • Added new features.
  • Improved caching mechanism.


Android: version v2.0.12


  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.



Wait for the next updates


  • Ability to create groups for sorting business processes.
  • The diverse design of Enum widgets for mobile applications.
  • New scheme for updating modules.
  • New setting Failed login delay for the Auth module - setting the response delay time for unsuccessful authorization.


New modules


  • Barcode Scanner - work with barcodes.
  • AdMob - native advertising support.
  • Google Translate - translations in the app.
  • Google Sheets - Integration with Google Sheets.
  • Validators - checking the formats of common data: tax codes, bank cards, etc.


Business process blocks


  • Date to String, Time to String - converting date and time into a string,
  • Pow - exponentiation,
  • Sqrt - Calculate the square root.



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